happy New Year 2017

happy New Year 2017


New Year’s Day, also called simply New Year’s or Happy New Year, is celebrated on January 1, the first day of every year on the modern Gregorian calendar and the Julian calendar.

In pre-Christian period Rome was dedicated the day to Janus under the Julian calendar for god of gateways and beginnings, for whom January was named.

In the Gregorian calendar of Christendom, the New Year’s Day liturgically marked as the Feast of the Naming and Circumcision of Jesus.

The New Year’s Day is still observed as such in the Lutheran Church and Anglican Church.

Now a day, most of the countries in the world using the Gregorian calendar as their regular calendar, Happy New Year day is the world’s most celebrated public holiday, regularly observed with fireworks at the midnight as the day starts in each time zone.

Making New Year’s resolutions, forwarding wishes to friends and family, sending gifts to closer relatives are the generally global traditions of the day.

It’s the time to welcome the Happy New Year 2017! On the occasion of Happy New Year 2017, people from all over the world started preparing themselves by shopping for their family members, friends, relatives, and beloved ones.

The celebration of the Happy New Year 2017 will begin with the let night party just before the previous night (31st December, 2016) of the Day arrival and wishing family members, friends, relatives, colleagues, beloved ones and others.

The Happy New Year 2017 will celebrate in a unique way in different countries by their own cultures, traditions and customs.

People will decorate their homes, workplace and other places to welcome the Happy New Year based on their own traditions.

Traditional and Modern Celebrations in Different Parts of the World

New Year’s Eve

January 1 characterizes the fresh start of a new year with the remembrance of the passing year, including on television, radio and in newspapers, which begins in early December in countries around all over the world. Publications have year-end editorials that evaluate the changes during the previous year. There are also editorials on planned or expected changes in the Happy New Year.

Traditionally the day is a religious feast, however since the 1900s it became as an occasion to celebrate the night of 31st December, known as New Year’s Eve. Amazing fireworks at midnight before the moment arrives. Sydney contributes the major fireworks of New Year celebrations each year.

Regional celebrations

In all European countries, the Happy New Year is greeted with private fireworks. People in certain countries congregate on beaches and dash into the water to celebrate the Happy New Year.

In Canada, the United States, the Republic of Ireland, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands this is very popular occasion. In order to the day, there are sometimes known as polar bear plunges and sometimes arranged by groups to raise money for charity. In many Northern Hemisphere cities Polar Bear Clubs near bodies of water, have a tradition of organized plunges on the New Year’s Day.

National Celebrations

  • There are many kinds of New Year Celebration at Great Britain across the island, mostly in Scotland.
    • New Year Celebration in London, peoples gather at the Embankment on the River Thames to observe the fireworks around the London Eye and the Happy New Year officially begins when Big Ben strikes twelve.
    • New Year Celebration in Scotland, a lot of unique customs are associated with the New Year. Scottish celebration Hogmanay is the Scots name for New Year’s Eve by the street party in Princes Street in Edinburgh.
    • New Year Celebration in Wales, Calennig is celebrated, which attracting thousands of people at Cardiff.
  • New Year Celebration in Greece and Cyprus, families and relatives switch off all lights at the midnight to celebrate by cutting the vassilopita or Basil’s pie which normally contains one coin. Whoever wins expects luck for the New Year. After that, a traditional card game called triantaena (31) follows.
  • New Year Celebration in Philippines, The New Year’s day is considered as the part of the Christmas holiday. New Year’s Eve started with firecrackers and horns to dismiss evil spirits and to prevent from bad luck on the Happy New Year. Dining tables are loaded with food for the “Media Noche” or midnight meal, and a basket of twelve different round fruits which displayed to symbolize prosperity on each upcoming twelve months. A lot of New Year’s parties are organized by city governments and are very well-attended.
  • New Year Celebration in Russia and the 14 other former republics of the Soviet Union, the Happy New Year celebration of Novi God regularly greeted by fireworks and drinking champagne as per their traditions. In Moscow, the Russian president counts down the last seconds of the “old year”.
  • New Year Celebration in Switzerland, the final match of the Spengler Cup (Ice Hockey Tournament) is regularly held on this day in Davos by tradition.
  • New Year Celebration in USA, People spend this occasion traditionally together with loved ones. A toast is made to the Happy New Year, with kisses, fireworks and parties among the customs. Optionally, it is also popular to prepare a New Year’s resolution. New Year Celebration in New York City is the most famous at United States, the Times Square Ball placed high above One Times Square is lowered beginning at 11:59 pm, with a countdown of sixty seconds until the last second of the “old year”, when it arrives at the bottom of its tower. There are also celebration with midnight fireworks, music and worldwide live celebration broadcast.
  • New Year Celebration in France, there are some prediction regarding the weather as: if wind blow to the east, fruits will yield; if wind blows to  the west, fish and livestock will be bumper; if wind blows to the south, there will be good weather all year round and if wind blows to the north, there will be crop failure. A toast is made on each family to the New Year.
  • New Year Celebration in Spain, it is usually celebrated to have 12 grapes at hand while the clock strikes 12 at midnight. Every single grape has to eat on each stroke. During the period, if all grapes finished that means good luck in the New Year.


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In many countries, New Year is observed and celebrated by participating in the Social activities and parties at their own place. Everybody has their own style to celebrate the New Year in the beginning of the year.

The celebrations usually start from the past midnight of the New Year’s Day. Many people have fun to spend the occasion with their family, friends, relatives or special ones and partying together.

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