how to buy condoms

how to buy condoms

Remember those days in School dreaming of having a girlfriend going for a date, that first kiss , fast forward high school, then your first job , your fiancé , your time to get married , all these would come up and be going through your mind when you , let’s assume that you are going to lose your virginity for the first time during the night of your marriage, and sort of similar situation from your girls end as well.

It’s your responsibility and duty to make her feel like a queen and give her the first experience that would make her go crazy and wild at the same time feeling for more and reaching the highest level of orgasm , but with one clause , without getting her pregnant the very next moment, this is the clause added up.

Confused? must be , how can anyone enjoy sexual intercourse so much without going all natural. Well the answer is Yes, you can still enjoy and give her the ultimate pleasure without making her pregnant. Condoms are the answer my friend. And of course not any condom. It’s not that any car you come up with in a red carpet would get attention, similarly any condom will not get your girl the satisfaction.


Top 7 Best Selling Condoms In The Market With Reviews


A thorough research, a perfect measurement, expert advice, people poll and rating should be checked before buying one. Of course the shyness and blushing’s would be there when you will be asking for the condom. Even for girls if they opt to buy one for their partners, but make sure that both do not go on buying like it’s bottle of milk from the superstore or a pack of fries.

Both the girl and the boy should pre decide what they want, how would they love to have there sexual experimentation, do they want the natural feel more, or do they want to feel those dotted ribs cruising down the path making her moan louder. A completel understanding should be there between both.

Let us make a thorough plan of buying a condom:

  1. First thing would always be to be relaxed and keeping it cool. Do not think that you are doing a taboo of going to buy a stuff that is illegal. Of course not the product you are buying is highly appreciate able and regarded as one of the greatest inventions of modern history. So relax and go around looking for a convenient store or super shop to buy the product.
  2. Researching is very much needed and mandatory. Everyone should have a bit off reading and questioning done before going for the buying. Determining the size the fits , material to be preferred by both is it latex or polyurethane ( good for those who have latex allergies) or even lambskin. Condom widths can vary as there is about a 1.5 cm difference between the smallest and largest condom. Condom that is too small and tight may tear away in the initial usage and one that is too big may be more likely to slip off. So initially a person might have to buy 2-3 different varities of Condoms in advance.
  3. Purchasing from a Store not near you, as people might bump into each other or anyone might interact with a known familiar salesperson making it a bit difficult to ask for the product. Therefore it’s wiser to walk 10-15mins pass and go to a chemist or super shop and buy from there.
  4. Buying Condoms early in the morning when there is little or no rush in the shops or even going at around midnight when most of the shops are about to be closed can eb a good time for shopping. As the person will not feel the shyness and uneasiness of buying it.
  5. Condoms can be and should be taken as any form of goods. While buying from supershops if a person has to buy groceries, he/she can chip in two packets of condom in it as it will make him or her not uncomfortable standing with only the condom pack in front of the counter.
  6. If the person has made up his or her mind and knows what they want than going to the online world such as Amazon can be helpful. Just ordering the product and picking it up in your convenient location can become the answer for all the trouble and shyness you were feeling about. Websites are there that will be more than helpful to provide services which a person would love to have right at their doorstep.
  7. While buying condoms always make sure whether or not that the product is FDA approved. Does it provide safety and security against STD and pregnancy? A condom must have to comply with FDA standards/rules — including novelty condoms, (those that are used for fun like the colored ones). A condom not complying with the FDA rule cannot be declared a contraceptive device. A condom are supposed to have an expired date or manufacturing date ,  an expired condom is likely to tear or break and the consequences might be very troublesome later on.


Top 7 Best Selling Condoms In The Market With Reviews

These are some of the steps a person can take while going for the first experience of this beautiful feeling called sexual intercourse. Making it a memorable one should be the first priority for anyone. So earnest request would be not to go for cheap products in order to save money , buy the best that you can get for your girl or what you’re his would like and enjoy the roller coaster rider.

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