How Mobile Apps Pave Way for the Growth of the Small Business?

How Mobile Apps Pave Way for the Growth of the Small Business?

Every business attempts to do something unique, like solving a problem that no one has ever done it before, or finding a way to do something, which is complicated. Some business goes up and down, when it comes to the matter of creativity. There is a multitude of unusual businesses that strives hard to achieve success. Even small organizations have plenty of work to do. People can get more opportunities from smaller organizations. Most of the small organizations are well-known for their unique features and functionality. Many small organizations have started to use the expertise mobile apps in their business too.Impact of mobile apps for small business

It has become a must need factor for the small business owners. They may have a popular web presence, but it is essential for them to have a enterprise business app; because having a web presence is not the only essential criteria; the reason is, an online activity frequently shifts to mobile. Now-a-days, the world is nothing without mobile phones. Almost, half of the world population uses mobile phones. An increase in mobile phone usage is a hint to use smart phone as the key marketing tool for the reach of the business.

Smart phones have changed the world completely. About, one-third of the American population checks their mobile phones once in an hour. According to a survey, about 90% of the mobile usage time is the time spent on apps. Most of the Americans spend more time on looking at their mobile than watching TV.

With the growth of the mobile phone usage, the small and big size companies can use smart phones as the smart marketing tool for the reach of their business among many. Small business can use these business apps in a wiser way for achieving progress in their business.

The mobile apps increase the customer engagement. They expand the frequent visits, allow a wide range of online transactions, which includes the establishment of the loyalty card, ecommerce transactions and push promotions. Apps send the coupons to the customers and they even send announcements to the users, in order to build their sales with their customers. Apps will make the customers to come back to the company again and again, this will create a healthy relationship between the customers and the company and it also helps in instant responses to the queries. Instant response is one of the important factors, which a customer expects from the company.

Smart phone icons act as the visual design, which helps the customer to recognize and visualize their ideas easily. Visual representation is always better than a textual representation and users prefer to it the most.

Small business owners still have a mindset that, buying an app will cost more and it is difficult to use. And they are worried to build apps on different platforms, because different customers will use their smart phones on different platform and they are not sure about building dynamic or static apps, best of all is, coming up with the app design. Most of the business owners don’t have platforms and tools and employees to build apps by themselves.

Some of the startups are simplifying the process of creating and testing of apps. They use the tools, which suits the small business’s budget.

Bizness apps, a rapidly growing start-up from San Francisco, provide a template for the small business owners to build a complete app with wide variety of features. These features includes, blog feeds, loyalty cards, food ordering systems, mobile reservations and much more; for both the Android and iOS platforms just in an hour.

The drag and drop feature will allow the developers to make it happen within few hours. Small business owners need to test the app before it goes to the customer’s hand. About 40% of customers refuse to buy a product, if they found bugs in it.

Perks gained by the small businesses using the mobile apps

The mobile apps help the organization to easily connect with the users and help the employees to engage with the business to boost the growth and development of the organization.

Business Collaboration

The connectivity and communication are the crucial aspects of the business. Using the software tools to enhance the communication and connecting with other business partners makes the work easy and effective. The mobile apps allow the users to store the sensitive information in the team folder, private folder or shared folder and instantly access the data.

There are different types of mobile apps that aid in better and instant communication among the team members and business delegates by forming a private group and there are personalized apps designed specifically to share documents and folders among the business community.

Customer support

With the use of the mobile apps, the business can efficiently server their customer queries and build a better relationship between them. The small business can gain customer loyalty and satisfaction only when their needs are met and when they are offered better service. With these mobile apps the users can communicate from anywhere and it also increases the customer demand. By using the mobile applications the small businesses can provide 24×7 customer support to the customers and enhance the credibility of the customers.

Sales and Customer relationship management

The sales support and the CRM go hand in hand in the business. The business owners or entrepreneurs have to keep track of the projects, tasks, organizations, emails, contacts, calendars and other utility information for the betterment of the business. There are utility apps available in the market that helps the business owners to keep track all the information under a single tap.

These mobile apps help them to access the client details, past orders and quotes, track the sales pipeline and other business details. The usage of the mobile apps seems to be more professional and elevate the business performance.


With the technological advancement, the payments are now personalized through the mobile phones. The business owners can handle the business transactions and other payments using their mobile devices like the smart phones and tablets. Using the mobile payment mode to make transaction makes it safe and saves more time.

The other significant factor about using the mobile transaction is that it can be integrated with other applications and the records are automated with the customized tax, marketing and accounting apps.

Geo-specific marketing

The business can use the mobile apps to offer their customers with special discounts and offers. The geo-location technology helps the business to track the location of the consumers and intimate them about the sales offered in the nearby stores. The businesses can use the mobile apps to target the consumers and spending less time to deliver productive results.

This will help the loyal consumers to get exclusive deals and discounts and there by increases the marketing strategy of the company.

Loyalty program

Building a personalized app to target the loyal customers to give them reward will increase the user base. The small business must focus on the preferred rewards that are expected by the customers, by doing so, the business gets quality information to boost their business and it also attracts the customer to continue doing business with the organization.

As all the users have mobile phones, offering special rewards via the mobile phones is the efficacy for the business. So, the customers can make purchases on the stores and they can use the mobile coupons to get discounts. And giving special offers and notification on the customer’s birthday, anniversary and other occasions add value to the business.

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