How to control cockroach?

How to control cockroach?

Top Five very easy ways to get rid of cockroaches properly (You need to know)

Cockroaches or roaches as most people call them are one of the disgusting or dirty creatures.Roaches can not only pass on diseases but also spread dangerous bacteria all over the place too. Because the harmful microbes that are carried by cockroaches. These are carried inside of their saliva. All over everything they come into contact with. So what’s the answer?

Here are the five top very easy ways to get rid of cockroaches properly.

  1. Use Fabric Softener.
  2. Use Coffee.
  3. Use Sugar and Boric Acid.
  4. Use Baking Soda and Sugar
  5. Use Cayenne, Garlic and onion powder.

 Action of Fabric Softener:

Fabric Softener is one very simple and very effective way to get rid of your roaches fast. Fabric softener works because cockroaches can’t tolerate its strong fragrance. The strong fragrance of the fabric softener ends up your roaches by suffocating them to death.

Simply mix some fabric softener into a spray bottle with some warm water and spray the solution anywhere you have roach activity. Do this several time daily for best results or until your roaches are all gone.

 Action of Coffee:

Using Coffee grounds is another proven and effective way to get rid of your roaches. Coffee works because cockroaches are attracted to the smell of it. But the caffeine inside the coffee is actually toxic to the cockroaches. So when they come and eat the coffee the caffeine they eat with it will eventually just kill them. Just take some fresh coffee and sprinkling them around any areas that have roach activity. You want to replace it with fresh coffee grounds every few days as to keep coffee smell strong or until your roaches are completely gone.

 Sugar and Boric Acid mixer:

Using sugar and boric acid together is one of the most effective homemade ways to kill your roaches quickly. Your cockroaches will be attracted to the sugar and when they come to eat it they will also eat the boric acid mixed in with it. Boric acid is harmful for the Roaches digestive system. So Cockroaches kill.

Simply mix some sugar and boric acid together and sprinkle it in all the ways where have roaches activity.

Note: Boric Acid is toxic to humans and animals. So keep it away from children and pets.

 Baking Soda and Sugar mixer:

Using soda and sugar is simply a safer way to the previous Boric Acid options and it basically works exact same way. The sugar attracts your cockroaches and Baking Soda kills them. Keep doing this process several times per week and get a Cockroaches free area.

 Action of Cayenne, Garlic and Onion Powder:

Using cayenne, garlic and onion powder together is another natural and effective way to get rid of your roaches. Cockroaches cannot tolerate the strong smell of the three mixed powder. So when they come near with these three powders together they simply suffocate and die.

Simply mix some cayenne, garlic and onion powder and spread it where have cockroaches more activity. You should to do this several times to get a perfect result to remove cockroaches from your area.

For more information and action to keep your area clean please contact with us Pest Control Service  .

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