How To Draw A Rose

How To Draw A Rose

On your first try; drawing a rose can seem pretty difficult. Watch this video on how to draw a rose and you will be able to easily draw roses.

  1. Start the first step by sketching out the shape of the rose bud like so. It looks like an odd shaped egg.
  2. Begin sketching out the petals from the center out. the outer petal is almost folded over like a tuxedo collar.
  3. Sketch out the swirl of folded petals in the very center of the rose bud like so.
  4. Next start a simple rose base that will rest on the inside of the outer petals. The outer petals are folded downward the same way the very top petals are folded down. Sketch in a few notches along the edges of the rose petals.
  5. Here you will sketch out the rounded bulb shape for the base of the rose bud. As you can see the other side of the rose bud is starting to open into bloom. Also sketch in some notches along the edges of the flower to the right petal.
  6. I know this lesson seems like it’s taking forever, but you are almost done. Draw out the last blooming petal to the left. As you can see this petal is almost like a fan shape.
  7. Lastly finish drawing the base of the flower, then sketch out the bedding of leaves, followed by the rose’s stem. Add detailing on the stem and leaves like so.
  8. Begin adding your shading to the center of the rose first. Notice that the center shading is darker than the petals the more you move away from the middle.
  9. Progressively move outward with your shading making sure that areas are lighter than others for added contrast and texture.
  10. Lay out a foundation by sketching in the rose fully. Notice how the strokes only flow in one direction. This is to keep the image even looking and harmonious.
  11. Lastly, detail the stem as well as the leaves. Adding shading will differ on the stem and leaves.
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