How To Draw

How To Draw

For some people, drawing comes more natural than for others. That doesn’t mean that you cannot learn how to draw as well. If you are truly passionate about drawing, all it takes is practice. In the end, it is your own style and technique which will make your drawings unique and part of you.

  1. Understand how to put the 3D world on to paper
  2. Learn about the different pencil types, and other tools you will be using
  3. Keep a positive mindset while drawing and don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Drawing is supposed to be fun!
  4. When starting out, practice with different geometric shapes (circles, spheres, triangles, squares, cubes, etc…)
  5. Practice perspectives and keeping the proportions looking natural.
  6. Organize your idea on scrap paper first
  7. Decide what direction the light source will be coming from (important for doing shadowing)
  8. Know how to use your pencil correctly
  9. Draw from the top to bottom. This will help to prevent your hand from rubbing on your drawing and smudging anything.
  10. When you need to go back up to do shading, be careful not to smudge any of your previous work.
  11. Shading helps to give depth to your objects
  12. Look at other drawing styles for inspiration and ideas but ultimately try to develop your own unique style.
  13. Use what you consider to be your defects and incorporate it into your style.
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