How to help your baby stimulate his or her sense of sight

Together with learning and playing activities for babies seem to come relatively easy for a lot of parents. Most babies are very open and responsive and parents usually find playing with their babies a very pleasurable activity. Engaging in activities that motivate your baby’s thinking process can benefit because it teaches you from experience what your baby likes and dislikes. These types of activities also help babies in their overall mental growth and development.

Your baby’s sense of sight is one area that promotes and stimulates your baby while engaging in a learning and playing activity. Contrary to what we used to believe about babies not being able to see at birth, we realize now that they can actually see and start learning from little peep. They are able to make a distinction between people and objects and understand body language, immediately. They are also capable of making out little about the world around them little by little.

When designing your baby’s room or play area, you should keep in mind that your baby’s sense of sight is enthused towards colors that are bold and bright, and sharp in contrast. You should decorate your baby’s surroundings with objects that are visually inspiring. One thing you should keep in mind is that too many toys in the crib, playpen, or carriage can confuse your baby. Always limit the number of objects to two at a time, which you put in there.

Toys and other items that are visually stimulating for babies are as follows:

  1. Stuff that move: Moving figures such as mobile toys. It is also proven that, having an aquarium or even a small fish tank can be very entertaining for babies. Moving a bright object across your baby’s eyes can encourage good eye tracking synchronization.
  2. Mirrors: Most babies just love them, as simple as that. Mirrors provide them with different views and scenes. The metal ones are the safe mirrors to use, that you can hang on the carriage or crib.
  3. Picture books: Images of animals, toys, people, and children are very enjoyable to babies’ eyes, especially pictures that are big and bold and not containing a lot of details.
  4. People: Babies like to look at faces, especially funny faces. So you Show your baby your family pictures and albums and describing who’s who. This will also get you into the habit of communicating with your baby.


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