How to Increase the Chances of a Twin Pregnancy

There is something fascinating about twins and many women long for a twin pregnancy. In recent years, the number of women having a twin pregnancy or even higher types of multiple pregnancies such as sextuplets has increased. This is due to a large number of reasons. Many women simply want to have a twin pregnancy so that they do not need to have another pregnancy to produce a sibling for an only child. The trauma of birth is often something that many women feel that they only want to go through once and having twins would be the perfect answer.

Twins do hold a particular fascination for a lot of people and a lot of research has been done into how a woman can increase the chances of her having a twin pregnancy. Some of the results are fairly unusual. For instance, the mother’s diet may influence whether she has a higher chance of a twin pregnancy. There are more twins in certain cultures and one of these is a tribe where they eat a lot of yams. So, there is a theory that it is a certain chemical in the yams that helps the women in this culture have a twin pregnancy. Obviously, the mother needs to eat red than just yams to have a healthy pregnancy but it is an interesting theory that she may want to consider if she wants a twin pregnancy.

If a woman is breastfeeding when she conceives then she is more likely to have a twin pregnancy than women who were not breastfeeding. The breastfeeding causes a reduction in the amount of calcium in the woman’s system and this has an effect on the egg during conception and ovulation can increase the chances of her having a twin pregnancy.

Older women are more likely to have a twin pregnancy. There is an increased ovulation of multiple eggs in older women and this can lead to a higher chance of the woman having a twin pregnancy. Fertility treatments can also lead to an increased chance of multiple pregnancies. It is also evident that women from African backgrounds are more likely to have pregnancies that are twins or more.

There used to be a theory that twins actually skipped a generation but now it is widely believed that a twin is more likely to have a twin pregnancy themselves. Obviously, this is genetic, but it is another point to consider if you are a twin and want to become pregnant. Similarly, if your family history or that of your partners has a lot of twins then there is an increased chance that you will have a twin pregnancy too.

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