How To Look After Twins?

Many times a doctor can tell you in advance if you are going to give birth to twins. A woman who has this advance information should employ a dependable nursemaid to help around the house when the time arrives otherwise she will have a nervous breakdown looking after the housework and the twins at the same time.

When the twins arrive they should be made to sleep in separate cribs so that when one is fussy she can be taken out of the room, so that she does not disturb the other child who is sleeping peacefully.

When bathing the twins, it is wise to bathe one at a time, in the same tub. After the first baby has been bathed she can be handed over to the helper who can dress her while the mother can go ahead with the bathing of the second one. It is much easier to breastfeed twins than to fix 16 bottles of formula every day. Most mothers of twins feed them simultaneously. The best way to nurse them is to put one twin in the lap and use its stomach as a pillow for the other twin or for comfort sake, tuck one twin under each arm supported by pillows. This way a mother can have plenty of milk for the twins till they reach the age of six months.

It is wise not to keep the same baby on the same side always because then the stronger sucker will be able to stimulate both the breasts to a higher milk production. A mother who nurses twins should take one or more extra meals a day paying special attention to high protein and calcium foods. If she finds herself losing weight or feeling tired or depressed she can take additional calcium and vitamin B complex tablets. When introducing solids to the twins, it is a great time saver to spoon feed both the twins simultaneously from the same dish and with the same spoon.

It is always wise not to dress the twins in identical clothes or provide them with the same toys, in order to encourage their individuality, otherwise, they become so fond of each other that later on when they grow up they cannot live separately and make their own homes. Therefore, it is better to introduce them at an early age to other children in the neighborhood so that they do not become exclusively fond of each other. They should also be encouraged to make their own separate friends for this very reason.



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