How To Make An Ikea Kitchen Bookcase Look Expensive- Hack

How To Make An Ikea Kitchen Bookcase Look Expensive- Hack

Hey dolls its theater here and i have officially done my first Ikea Kitchen Cabinet Installers hack. I made this whole book case oh yes me my saw and my nail gun. created this crazy bookcase. and it all started with a trip to Ikea which was not as simple as it was in LA. I literally took a bike to a boat and the boat to Ikea Kitchen Cabinet Installers to get these bookcases. and I’m going to show you all about how I put the whole thing together with crown molding and trim to make it look really fresh because both cases like this that I was seeing her around three thousand dollars and I did not want to spend that much money on a piece of furniture for an apartment this trip started with me going to Ikea. and I’m going to show you a video of me on the pier right now.

ok so I am on my way to Ikea Kitchen in Brooklyn and believe it or not I’m actually taking the water taxi to get there. Yet I’m gonna get money blows I just got my city bike I rode it all the way down. here in Pierre 11 and there’s helicopters there’s close their ships it’s really crazy down here and anyway the water taxi is free on the weekend and it’s going to pick me up and take me to so I can buy these billy bookcases and do my first real idea. I got everything back home thank goodness the uber driver was so kind helping bring everything in. just for the first floor then I had to get up two flights of stairs put it in here and it was like Sunday night I put them all together using the manufacturer’s instructions and this is what I got. so basically it’s too normal billy bookcases with one of the skinny billy bookcases. and I also bought the doors as well because I wanted to create the doors on the bottom.

To really make it one piece of furniture I created a base so I went to the lumberyard and I had a piece of wood cut which is about 80 inches the full length of these three bookcases together. and I screw the individual bookcases to the base so now I have one piece of kitchen furniture. I also added these moving pads to the bottom I screwed them in the bottom they used eight moving path because this is a really heavy book page when it’s all put together and I need to be able to move it around so. a plus for thinking you had the next thing that I did was use some scrap wood to put the back of the book cases together. next what I did is i put screws in the front of the bookcases and I actually use the holes that you’re going to put the shelves and to join them I just popped a little screw in there and it was perfect because to join the front of the bookcases well.

Now some of you would be satisfied with this however I needed to take it to the next level. So what I did is I put some small what they call lattices these are three quarter inch lattices. and I used a nail or a nail gun that I rented from home depot Kerala home depot showed me how to use it was super easy cost about $35 to rent in the day so it wasn’t bad. and I use the nail or to apply these three quarter inch lattices to the front top of the cabinets. and what that does is it creates a base for me to add my crown molding.

otherwise I would have a really weird happen I didn’t want that I then attach. the crown molding again with my nail gun I made sure that it’s centered on the cabinet and also that it was just below. the lips that it created a nice clean line. and then on the side seams of the crown molding what I did is they use some liquid nails and also some caulking that you can stand. to really make those seems nice and perfect i also use some painter’s tape just to make sure that everything was held together. I didn’t have a lot of fancy plans or anything and honestly the tape did the trick just fine. I put lattices on all the scenes and all the sides to make everything look like it’s one cohesive peas.

I then attach the baseboard. and I created that with a piece. of MDF and I put all the doors on the cabinet so we knew exactly where I wanted the would. nail gun did in and then I also applied the base molding. on top of that what I did to make it look like there’s one piece as I added some caulking right down the street. so it completely disappear when I do this again I’m not going to make so much of a mess with the hole filler is it gets really hard. once it’s dry and it was really hard to stand off after a while that I standard a nice and smooth that made all the holes disappear.

And last but certainly not least I painted all of the trend the crown molding everything what I did is I took one of the small shelves to paint store and I had that match the color. and what I did is I got the paint and primer and one and I did the whole thing in one coat.

I’m not going to lie this is a really big project it took a lot of time. certainly I started on Sunday and I work two full days on this project. creating beautiful collections adding little doodads and really making your bookcases look ultra shape. all right doll let me know what you think of my Ikea Kitchen Cabinet Installers Bookcase hack in the comments section also give me a thumbs up if you like more Article like this don’t forget to be a doll and Share and also I’m putting a link to the blog that I created all about this project if you’re interested in that ok alright until next time bye dolls.

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