How To Make Ikea Kitchen Installation Cabinet ?

How To Make Ikea Kitchen Installation  Cabinet ?

Now hang the step 5 poster on the wall. IKEA has a wide range of countertops for you to choose from in this kitchen we have chosen a solid wood pros up Roman countertop. set the countertop in place allowing an eight-inch gap at the back wall.

if you’re installing tops in an L shape the two sections must meet in a but join. measure out from the end of the base cabinet allowing for the cover panel and a one-half inch overhang.

Saw the countertop with a fine-tooth pan saw or a circular saw. trace the inside line of the sink base and place the sink on the countertop. trace around the edge of the sink. draw a cut line inside this line according to the direction supplied with the sink. drill a half-inch hole for the jigsaw blade at all four corners of the cut line. follow the line and saw the whole for the sink.

if you’re installing a cooktop saw the cutout in the same way. seal the same cut out by applying a polyurethane sealer along the cut edges check that the sinkhole is not obstructed by the top frame rails of the base cabinets. if it is you’ll need to trim the rail so that the sink will fit properly.

turn the countertop upside down and install the sink. the countertop is secured using the hardware provided. the slotted brackets allow the top to expand and contract normally. be sure to drill pilot holes in the countertop before securing it.

if the sink is not pre-drilled drill a hole and install the faucet following the manufacturer’s instruction. to prepare the countertop for use sand the surface with a fine sandpaper and finish it with an approved woodblock oil. this should be done regularly for long-term beauty and protection. your new kitchen is beginning to take shape.

now hang the step 6 and 7 poster on the wall start by installing the cabinet cover panels. if cabinet lighting is included we suggest that you install it now. Insert for supports per shelf and rest the shelf on top of them. on a six-inch high drawer front attach the knobs or handles before mounting it to the drawer interior hardware. the drawers are factory pre-adjusted for normal drawer alignment.

however if the drawer front is in need of adjustment use the adjusting screws at the front sides of the drawer front hardware to set the perfect draw front alignment. install all the other accessories

IKEA has a wide range of accessories that will help you organize your kitchen. you only have a few more things to do but they are important so be sure to take your time. now we’re on to step 7

carefully measure and Mark the toe cakes so that they cover the open area below your base cabinets. saw the toe kicks to the correct length using a fine-tooth Saul. cover the cottage with the enclosed edging strip. press the toe kick clips into the grooves. then clip the toe kicks into place on the cabinet legs. accurate measurement and corner cuts make all the difference when you install the trim. carefully measure the length of the light balances beneath the wall cabinet.

remember to attach the ceiling strips before you install the balances and cornices you’ll need the miter box to saw precise 45-degree corner cuts. Attach the base plate hinge into the pre-drilled holes according to the assembly instructions.

insert the hinge body into the pre-drilled hole in the door and snap it in place. hang the doors by snapping the hinge body into the base plate. adjust the hinges as shown in the instructions. make a template or measure carefully to mark where the handle is to be positioned. hold a block of wood behind the door when you drill the hole.

finally attach the protective tabs on each door. congratulations you’ve done it. you’ve invested in a practical attractive kitchen full of ingenious¬†features designed to make your life easier for years to come. best of all you got more for your money at Ikea because you did a lot of the work yourself. it’s your Ikea kitchen cabinet.



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