How to Prepare a Baby-Sitter “Checklist” When Having a Sitter Watch Your Baby

It is important to leave a checklist with your babysitter that covers the various points the sitter should remember and to cover the safety measures. Babysitters need instructions no matter how experienced they are. The following is a list of items you should make sure your sitter is confident with before you head out for the evening:

  • In a case of an emergency make sure they know which toy is the baby’s favorite to help sooth them.
  • A list of the foods that your baby can and cannot eat.
  • In case the fire alarm goes off know what to do and where to go, also know what to do if there is a fire present in the home.
  • In the case of a blackout know where the candles and flashlights are stored.
  • In the house know where the first aid kit is stored.
  • If you have pets list the rules concerning them and their habits.
  • A list of baby safety rules.
  • All important facts about your home should be included such as the set-up of your kitchen, living room, and baby’s room.
  • If the baby may not accept or be familiar with some of your baby’s habits you should make them aware of this. This can include excessive spitting up, irregular bowel movements, crying during particular situations, how best to fall asleep or other matters.
  • Include instructions on how to clean and wipe your baby properly. The baby may be comfortable with a certain technique, certain types of wipes that should be used or special ointments.
  • Include the best methods for calming the baby such as rocking or specific sounds.
  • The baby’s favorite way to sleep is a good thing to include.
  • In case the baby needs changing let them know where the extra clothing is stored.
  • Include whether to used expressed milk or supplement and how to give the bottle to the baby.
  • Besides the sitter include your policy on visitors in the home.

Communicate the little particulars with your babysitter. Take the time to make your list as detail oriented as possible since you are leaving the life of your baby in the sitter’s hands.


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