How To Reduce That Intolerable Excess Weight Of Your Body

There are no spells to reduce weight. That is why it is important to both control your eating habit and do physical exercise while reducing weight. Normally an adult male needs 1400 to 1600 calories each day and an adult female needs 1000-1200 calories a day. If the calorie intake is more than this, it will accumulate as excess fat.

Instead of high calorie food, low calorie food should be eaten. Food deep fried in oil, chocolate, ice cream, burger or sandwich, Biriyani, stuffed flat bread, pizza, fried or roast chicken, chips, Khichuri, Luchi, rice, fried flat bread, cheese, flat bread and oily or spicy food increases weight. Whereas handmade flat bread, bread, less oily vegetable, less oily noodles, cooked vegetables, meat cooked with less oil and spices can be eaten in small amounts as these do noyt contribute to weight gain.

Scrambled and fatty meat, thai soup or cream soup accelerate weight gain. But you can eat Tonduri or grilled food as these do not contribute to weight gain. If you want to eat eggs, then boil them. Do not fry, cook or make omelette. Getting worried about weight and stop eating rice and carbohydrates completely is bad, just as consuming a lot of carbohydrates or eating too much rice is harmful. So from now on, no more “rice with vegetables” but “vegetables with rice”.

People who are used to soft drinks after meals, should get used to diet drinks. Even sweet fruits increase weight. The best thing to do is to satisfy your thirst with fruit juice, but it is preferable that the fruit is sour.

It is not possible to lose weight just by reducing eating and eating healthy food; physical exercise is also necessary. If you want to lose weight then you should either take in less calories than necessary or exercise to burn calories or both. To burn one hundred calories, at least twenty minutes of fast (sweat producing) walking is required. Walk, swim or do any other exercise to reduce weight, because it is not possible to reduce weight without any kind of physical exercise.


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