Importance of Baby Massage


The opportunity of increased eye contact between the baby and its mother is provided by Baby massage. Prolactin is a hormone which is required for the production of breast milk. Therefore it is also known as mothering hormone. So this prolactin newborn level is increased.Helps you to “fall in love” newborn.Baby massage also helps in producing positive results in a case of abuse.


You must be alert while massaging your baby in order to notice your baby’s reaction to your touch and the amount of pressure you apply while massaging. It is essential to observe your baby minutely because babies cannot speak and so they cannot tell you whether you are massaging it too hard or not.
You are boosting your parenting skills when you are trying to fathom your baby’s reaction to your message.

Research has proved a striking facet of baby and mother understanding. Mothers who had a lot of contact with her baby in its infancy could choose her child’s pajamas from a pile of other pajamas.


Levels of stress hormones are reduced as a result of massage.By massaging the baby, even the parents gain a lot of benefits for example stress levels are reduced as a result of regular baby massaging.For working parent giving their baby a massage after returning from work helps in spending quality time with their little one and also doing so helps them to relax and reconnect with their beloved baby.


Skin sensitivity is one of the major outcomes of baby massage.

  • According to the various surveys that had been conducted, the animals are more bright, alert and well-mannered and healthy compared to others, who are pampered a lot and get a lot of touching and patting.
  • The healing effects of massage helps to improve nervous system and helps in developing the immunity system of the body to fight against various disease
  • Babies who get a massage regularly are more friendly, loving and alert.
  • The babies who are massaged regularly make more attempts to initiate a conversation and are more jolly than those babies who do not get a regular massage.
  • As the baby grows older, the baby who has been massaged regularly grows up to be an outgoing individual and is open to hugs and cuddles.



The baby usually gets a good night’s sleep after it is given a good massage. Therefore helping the parents to sleep soundly.

  • The pent up feelings and frustration are let out due to proper messaging.
  • Messaging supports in practicing conducting input and responding to it with relaxation and repose.
  • Massaging helps in giving the babies a positive self-image about their body.
  • Massaging helps in giving useful relaxation techniques which help the baby in the later years of its life.


The messaging opens up the avenue to an intimate and a loving contact which helps the baby by reducing the possibility for them to fall ill and also it helps in reducing the crying tendency of the baby.
The circulatory process is improved due to messaging and helps in moving the lymph around thereby boosting the immune system.
Comic relief is provided by proper baby messaging and all other stomach related problems.
The therapeutic benefits of massaging help in relieving several pains like teething pains and also emotional stress.
Massage leads to a production of endorphin and helps in reducing pains.


Physical fitness, self-awareness, toning of muscles, and flexibility of joints-all these takes place with the help of massaging. Therefore massage is really helpful for premature babies who have low weight during birth and also those children born with the special case.


The first step of communication takes place via touching. It helps in developing a non-verbal communication between the baby and its parent, thereby helping in establishing a positive and a healthy relationship between the baby and its parents and also aids in building the baby’s self-esteem and the ability to socialize.
The Touch Research Institute of the University Of Miami School Of Medicine conducted a study which found out that the babies who are massaged regularly gained around 47% more weight than those babies who have not been massaged regularly irrespective of the fact that all of them were given the same amount of calories.

The premature babies who are given a regular massage have little chance of going to the hospital than those who don’t get enough massage.This is the reason for which babies in special care nurseries are given the massage.



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