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Options and the way, in the financial trading, shares and financial instruments such as bonds, it is the right to buy and sell in the conditions that had been set in advance for a period of time within or certain time in the future. The revenue obtained by performing securities investments, is that the tax must tax is deducted.

The results of the audit by independent auditors, etc., even if there are exclusions in part, if the effect is minor, I will say what financial statements or the like is recognized that properly displays the financial position and results of operations.

It is the stock that companies that provides seo consulting Sydney essential public services in the daily life of public issues. Specifically, it can be mentioned such as electricity, gas, water and the like. In addition, public interest strain it is also referred to as the “public line”.

The funds of unlisted companies is to facilitate, with the aim that the buying and selling the stock. Since the green sheet is different from the securities market of the Securities Exchange Act, it does not hit the IPO.

one of the rights that can have against companies that shareholders have a stake, is the right to participate in the indirect corporate management is to attend the general meeting of shareholders. But the shareholders of less than unit share; there are no voting rights at the shareholders’ meeting.

In buying and selling of interest-bearing debt, the buyer side, taking into account the holding period of the seller’s side.

It is divided interest; it is of interest to be paid to the seller side. It also called accrued interest. I will say material industry (pulp and paper, chemical, iron and steel and others) and the work that the capital investment related stocks such as machinery manufacturer.

Balance sheet, income statement, sales report, such as the proposed appropriation of retained earnings or loss treatment plan will include.

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