2017 Calendar of National Holidays in India

Holidays in India

The 2017 calendar of national holidays in India, consist of a variety of holidays such as: national holidays, bank holidays, Hindu holidays, Muslim Holiday and other holidays. The Indian government approved calendar of 2017 has also placed for your future utilization.

As the India is a racially varied and fervent society celebrates various festivals and national holidays in India. Republic Day on 26 January, Independence Day on 15 August and Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday on 2 October are three national holidays in India. They have some local festivals depends on relevant religion and linguistic demographics.

Most popular religious festivals are the Sikh festivals such as Guru Nanak Jayanti and Vaisakhi; Hindu festivals are Janmashtami, Saraswati Puja, Diwali, Makar Sankranti, Maha Shivratri, Holi, Durga Puja, Dussehra, Ganesh Chaturthi; Islamic festivals are Eid ul-Fitr, Eid al-Adha, Muharram, Milad un-Nabi and Christian festivals is Christmas day. The annual holidays are extensively observed by state and local governments; but, they may change the dates of observance according to local custom.

Below you will get a list of all official, public and national holidays in India.

List of National Holiday in India in 2017

A national holiday is a holiday usually established by law and is generally a non-working day during the year. Independent nations and territories obey holidays based on specific events of significance to their history. For instance, Indians celebrate Independence Day.

The national holidays in India are commonly days of celebration, similar to the anniversary of a momentous historical event or can be a religious festival like Diwali. Holidays can celebrate on a particular day of the year, be joined to a certain day of the week in a definite month or pursue other calendar systems.

Date Weekday Holiday name Holiday type
Jan-26 Thursday Republic Day National Holiday
Feb-24 Friday Maha Shivaratri/Shivaratri National Holiday
Apr-04 Tuesday Rama Navami National Holiday
Apr-09 Sunday Mahavir Jayanti National Holiday
Apr-14 Friday Good Friday National Holiday
May-10 Wednesday Buddha Purnima/Vesak National Holiday
Aug-15 Tuesday Independence Day National Holiday
Aug-15 Tuesday Janmashtami National Holiday
Sep-02 Saturday Eid ul-Adha National Holiday
Sep-30 Saturday Dussehra (Maha Navami) National Holiday
Oct-01 Sunday Muharram/Ashura National Holiday
Oct-02 Monday Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti National Holiday
Oct-19 Thursday Diwali/Deepavali National Holiday
Nov-04 Saturday Guru Nanak Jayanti National Holiday
Dec-02 Saturday Milad un-Nabi National Holiday
Dec-25 Monday Christmas National Holiday


List of Observance Holidays in India in 2017

Observance holidays in India are restricted holidays generally celebrates based on events from different occasions and cultures. There isn’t any day off based on these occasions but respective employees can apply for leave if they have available yearly leave allowance.

Date Weekday Holiday name Holiday type
Jan-01 Sunday Last day of Hanukkah Observance Holiday
Jan-28 Saturday Chinese New Year Observance Holiday
Feb-14 Tuesday Valentine’s Day Observance Holiday
Apr-11 Tuesday First day of Passover Observance Holiday
Apr-14 Friday Ambedkar Jayanti Observance Holiday
May-01 Monday May Day Observance Holiday
May-14 Sunday Mother’s Day Observance Holiday
Jun-18 Sunday Father’s Day Observance Holiday
Aug-06 Sunday Friendship Day Observance Holiday
Aug-15 Tuesday Thanksgiving Day Observance Holiday
Oct-31 Tuesday Halloween Observance Holiday
Dec-13 Wednesday First Day of Hanukkah Observance Holiday
Dec-20 Wednesday Last day of Hanukkah Observance Holiday

List of Christian Holidays in India in 2017

A Christian holiday in India generally celebrates based on events from Christian mythology, repeatedly coinciding with the seasonal changes. There are some Christian holidays which are mainly celebrated by particular sects or in territories obey of the India.

Date Weekday Holiday name Holiday type
Apr-13 Thursday Maundy Thursday Observance, Christian
Dec-31 Sunday New Year’s Eve Observance, Christian


List of Muslim Holidays in India in 2017

A Muslim holiday in India generally celebrates based on events from Muslim religion. There is some Muslim holidays which are mainly celebrated by Muslim community of India.

Date Weekday Holiday name Holiday type
Jun-26 Monday Eid-ul-Fitr Muslim, Common Local holidays


List of Season Holidays in India in 2017

A Season holiday is a holiday set aside by custom on which normal activities, specially business or work, are reduced or suspended. Some specific nations and territories obey these holidays based on specific seasonal occasions.

Date Weekday Holiday name Holiday type
Mar-20 Monday March equinox Season
Jun-21 Wednesday June Solstice Season
Sep-22 Friday September equinox Season
Dec-21 Thursday December Solstice Season

List of Restricted Holidays in India in 2017

Restricted holidays in India, generally celebrates based on events from different religions. There isn’t any day off based on these occasions but respective employees can apply for leave if they have available yearly leave allowance.

Date Weekday Holiday name Holiday type
Jan-01 Sunday New Year’s Day Restricted Holiday
Jan-05 Thursday Guru Govind Singh Jayanti Restricted Holiday
Jan-14 Saturday Pongal Restricted Holiday
Jan-14 Saturday Makar Sankranti Restricted Holiday
Feb-01 Wednesday Vasant Panchami Restricted Holiday
Feb-10 Friday Guru Ravidas Jayanti Restricted Holiday
Feb-19 Sunday Shivaji Jayanti Restricted Holiday
Feb-21 Tuesday Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati Jayanti Restricted Holiday
Mar-12 Sunday Holika Dahana Restricted Holiday
Mar-13 Monday Dolyatra Restricted Holiday
Mar-28 Tuesday Chaitra Sukhladi Restricted Holiday
Apr-11 Tuesday Hazarat Ali’s Birthday Restricted Holiday
Apr-13 Thursday Vaisakhi Restricted Holiday
Apr-15 Saturday Mesadi/Vaisakhadi Restricted Holiday
Apr-16 Sunday Easter Day Restricted Holiday
Jun-23 Friday Jamat Ul-Vida Restricted Holiday
Jun-25 Sunday Rath Yatra Restricted Holiday
Aug-07 Monday Raksha Bandhan (Rakhi) Restricted Holiday
Aug-25 Friday Ganesh Chaturthi/Vinayaka Chaturthi Restricted Holiday
Sep-04 Monday Onam Restricted Holiday
Sep-27 Wednesday Maha Saptami Restricted Holiday
Sep-29 Friday Maha Navami Restricted Holiday
Oct-05 Thursday Maharishi Valmiki Jayanti Restricted Holiday
Oct-08 Sunday Karaka Chaturthi (Karva Chauth) Restricted Holiday
Oct-18 Wednesday Naraka Chaturdasi Restricted Holiday
Oct-20 Friday Govardhan Puja Restricted Holiday
Oct-21 Saturday Bhai Duj Restricted Holiday
Oct-26 Thursday Chhat Puja (Pratihar Sashthi/Surya Sashthi) Restricted Holiday
Nov-24 Friday Guru Tegh Bahadur’s Martyrdom Day Restricted Holiday
Dec-24 Sunday Christmas Eve Restricted Holiday



The large Hindu communities in India are celebrating several festivals every year. They have one or more religious, mythological and seasonal significance. The execution of the festival, the symbolisms used and intensity of celebration differs from region to region within the country.

Having so many Government Holidays to keep of peaceful co-existence of all religions, there are huge demands of different public bodies that the structure of a multitude of religious holidays is obstructing economic actions to a great extent.

The previous Central Government Pay Commissions have suggested the abolition of all Central Government Holidays in India on religious festivals, and with three national Holidays like: Republic Day (26th January), Independence Day (15th August) and Gandhi Jayanti (2nd October).

It has recommended to increasing the amount of present Restricted Holidays or Optional Holidays based on one’s religious influence from two to eight. The recommendation being, eight holidays can in excess of gratify for the festivals of any specific religion.

In order that there is no valid point to having more than these number of holidays in India, as religion does not restrict a Muslim to celebrate Diwali or Hindu to celebrate Eid.

With this proposal, it was left to the individual person to choose which eight Holidays to celebrate, impartial of his religious belief. However, the proposal hasn’t accepted by the Indian government and thus the Govt. of India continues with an uncommonly several of religious holidays after compared with other countries.


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