Calendar of India Holidays in 2018

Holidays in India

The 2018 calendar of national holidays in India, consist of a variety of holidays such as: national holidays, Hindu holidays, Muslim Holiday and other holidays. The Indian government approved calendar of 2018 has also placed for your future utilization.

As the India is a racially varied and fervent society celebrates various festivals and national holidays in India. Republic Day on 26 January, Independence Day on 15 August and Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday on 2 October are three national holidays in India.

They have some local festivals depends on relevant religion and linguistic demographics. Most popular religious festivals are the Sikh festivals such as Guru Nanak Jayanti and Vaisakhi; Hindu festivals are Janmashtami, Saraswati Puja, Diwali, Makar Sankranti, Maha Shivratri, Holi, Durga Puja, Dussehra, Ganesh Chaturthi; Islamic festivals are Eid ul-Fitr, Eid al-Adha, Muharram, Milad un-Nabi and Christian festivals is Christmas day. The annual holidays are extensively observed by state and local governments; but, they may change the dates of observance according to local custom.

Below you will get a list of all official, public and national holidays in India.


Having so many Government Holidays to keep of peaceful co-existence of all religions, there are huge demands of different public bodies that the structure of a multitude of religious holidays is obstructing economic actions to a great extent. The previous Central Government Pay Commissions have suggested the abolition of all Central Government Holidays in India on religious festivals, and with three national Holidays like: Republic Day (26th January), Independence Day (15th August) and Gandhi Jayanti (2nd October).

India is one of the most tourism countries in the world, welcoming to national and international tourist to enjoy and discover thousands of years’ history and crucial beach experiences. To enjoy the best excitements of your national holidays in India, this is the right time to plan your next mission to discover the historic India. The above mentioned list of Indian holidays list will help you to find out your next tour.

For national and international visitors, there are a lot attractions in India include, historical and monuments, resorts, beaches, picnic spots, forests, wildlife of various species and tribal people. Bangladesh, the most beautiful country in the world, offers a lot of opportunities to tourists for river cruising, water skiing, angling, yachting, hiking, rowing, sea bathing and bringing one in close touch with the perfect nature.



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