Instagram Insights Are Widely Used For Analyzing Instagram Stories Well In Advance

Instagram Insights Are Widely Used For Analyzing Instagram Stories Well In Advance

There are multiple times when you might be taking the help of Instagram Stories for covering the marketing department well. So, you must be wondering from where you might find the metrics, followed by the KPIs, designed for the IG stories over here. There are some proven ways available, which will help you in discovering how you can possibly start using the IG insights, determined for the stories over here. If you know the job rights, things will definitely start working in your favour.

Reasons to track the KPIs on IG stories:

Stories have always become one major part of the IG experience. It has been noted that the amount of 800 m active IG users, around 300 m of them are using the stories on a daily basis. Therefore, it is not at all surprising to state that the businesses and brands are also making further stories an using this feature at its full potential right now.

  • As stories are noted to be instant and ephemeral, it might seem that setting up the KPIs for the measurement is noted to be unnecessary over here.
  • Well, if you are actually investing effort and time in the stories, you need to have one clear idea on how you can measure the said performance.

There are some proven methods associated with KPIs, which you can use for gauging the effectiveness related to IG stories with the help of insights on the said IG business profile over here. The more you research, the better results you are likely to come across for sure.

Features of the story category on IG:

With the help of hashtag stickers and the geolocation stickers in your allotted story, you can easily get the chance to increase reach, which has been tracked via Impressions and Reaches Using some of these major elements can always help you to get a proper feature in the stories for any particular hashtag or location. You can easily log online at and get some noteworthy information in this regard for sure.

Where can you actually see this metric is the biggest question over here? In case the story gets the chance to be featured, you might see a message in the analytics of the story, where it will be stated that a video has been properly added to one hashtag story.

Ways to use the metric:

In case, the story is lucky enough to get featured, make sure to tack the number of the added viewers that you plan to acquire. Be sure to take note of the numbers of new viewers which every sticker or hashtag is bringing in, and then you can start using the best performing elements in the said post, as designed for reaching out to the new audience.

Working on the reach and impressions:

There are two major metrics, which are designed to help in estimating the current size of the audience of the stories you are actually posting. Most of the time, people are here to watch the stories often then they seem to like the pictures.

  • Now, you might be wondering what the difference between reach and impression is. Reach is mainly the number of people who are known to have seen the story after you have posted. On the other hand, you have an Impression, known to have the number of times that the stories have been reviewed.
  • So, in case you are posting a story and reaching out to one person who might have viewed it for five times, then Insights will be showing one reach and 5 impressions. This is the main reason for stories to have higher impressions and even lower each number.
  • Now, the main question is how high this reach might be. It solely depends on the engagement and size of the audience. If you have more followers, the reaching rate of the stories will be lower. This rule is mainly applicable to most of the metrics on the IG. If you have more followers, the engagement rate and reach rate will be lower.

Ways to use these metrics:

If you ever come across one drop in the reach, you need to take a quick look at the frequency of the said story publication to ensure that you get to post stories on pre-determined schedule on a daily or weekly count. There are times when you might have to capitalize on the proper use of hashtags and geotags, and even tag a user’s name featured in stories whenever apt.

  • If you ever see a drop in the impressions, then you better watch out for the quality of the stories. In case, those are bouncy or blurry, you might have to upgrade and even improve production to make them easier to watch.
  • There are times when you might want to make an effort to just publish stories that will provide users with one reason to view each one in a repeated manner. This section might include surprise, humour or even some of the insider perspectives.

Taps back forward and exit rate:

Taps are always interesting and a bit ambiguous, where the metrics leave the quality of content perfectly open to interpretation. But, there you can get some of the clarity from the analysis by looking right at the exit rate. Taps forward are the number of taps that the users made to see the next photo or video in the story. Then you have tapped back, which is the number of the taps that the users made to check on the previous videos or photos in one story.

Always remember that the high number of tap forward is not an ideal option. You might want to use this as one warning sign that the story was not interesting enough or too long. It can further happen if the story is not cropped in a proper manner. The higher number of the taps forward can always mean that the story’s composition is way off. Be sure to learn about these options well in advance before applying any in the IG story category.

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Pete Campbell is a social media manager and has immense knowledge about email marketing and Instagram promotion. He delights clients, helping them to buy real Instagram likes. He loves to travel, write, and play baseball.

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