Interesting Facts About Canon Printers

Do you have a Canon printer or maybe you are considering buying one and want to know more about this brand? Rather than bore you with facts you have heard before, we have found some seriously interesting facts about this brand that will interest you and may help you make your mind up about buying one!

The Company Began As A Camera Manufacturer

Canon printers are widely available across the world and are incredibly popular but the company that makes them did not start out by making them In fact, Canon was originally a camera maker and it was much later that they branched out to make printers and other products for the market. These days, Canon cameras are still immensely popular and they are still a thriving part of the company portfolio.

It Is In The Top 100 Most Valuable Brands In The World

At number 73 on the list, Canon is one of the highest valued businesses on the planet. This rating comes from a culmination of all their business interests and shows how well the company continues to do despite the technological evolution that has changed the way people access printing, photos, and computing.

Ink For Canon Printers Is Not The Best

Many people believe that Canon ink is the best choice for Canon printers but this is not the case. In fact, cheaper compatible inks are just as good, if not better. One example of this is the Cartridge Replacement for Canon 280 XXL, 281 XXL (5 pack) that is significantly cheaper with Smart Ink and prices outstanding results. Next time you need ink, think about where you are going to buy it first.

Canon Also Makes Medical Kit

As well as the items you may associate with Canon, they also make medical equipment that is used all over the world. All their machines use imaging to help medics diagnose and cure patients with health issues that span eye care to cancer care. If you find yourself in hospital then keep and eye out for the Canon machines.

Canon Was Nearly Bankrupt After The Second World War

When the Second World War ended, the Canon brand suffered the loss of a lab and could not source any materials which left them stuck for how to move forward. In a stroke of genius, they chose to reuse the parts from older camera models to create new cameras which resulted in them staying afloat and going on to thrive.

Canon Use Eco Friendly Methods

Canon pride themselves on using eco-friendly methods when they manufacture their products. Their commitment to the environment is helping to change the way that lots of tech companies work and will continue to help evolve eco-friendly practices across the globe.

As you can see, Canon is much more than a printer company and they have a rich and varied history that has helped them to define and grow their brand over the years. If you are considering using them for your next printer, take some time to consider the history you are buying into!

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