Italy ice hockey team

Italy ice hockey team

The Italian ice hockey team is the national ice hockey team of Italy which has administrated by the Federazione Italiana Sport del Ghiaccio (FISG) one of the member of the International Ice Hockey Federation.

The Ice Hockey Italian Federation (Federazione Italiana Hockey sul Ghiaccio) was formed on 15 October 1925 in Milan.

In September 1926, combining Ice Hockey, Bobsleigh federations and Skating was formed the Ice Sports Italian Federation or Federazione Italiana Sport del Ghiaccio (FISG) that is still the body for ice hockey.

In 2006 was created the Ice Hockey Italian League or Lega Italiana Hockey Ghiaccio (LIHG) to manage the professional leagues and fulfill the IIHF criteria to maintain a specific body for the Ice Hockey Italy.


Nickname(s)The Blue Team, Azzurri
AssociationFederazione Italiana Sport del Ghiaccio
CaptainAnton Bernard
Head coachStefan Mair
AssistantsRoberto Scelfo
Clayton Beddoes
Most gamesLucio Topatigh (243)
Top scorerLucio Topatigh (131


Italian Ice Hockey Team in Olympic Games

1936 – Ended in 9th place (tied)

1948 – Ended in 8th place

1956 – Ended in 7th place

1964 – Ended in 15th place

1984 – Ended in 9th place

1992 – Ended in 12th place

1994 – Ended in 9th place

1998 – Ended in 12th place

2006 – Ended in 11th place

Best Ice Hockey Players of Italy

In the list of Italian best ice hockey player, some names are comes regularly at this moment such as: Michele Strazzabosco, Lucio Topatigh and Bruno Zarrillo. One of the Italian best ice hockey player Thomas Tragust the net-minder has observed and stopped a lot of pucks in his day.

In the South Tyrol region (a native of Northern Italy), Thomas is one of the best ice hockey goaltenders to suit up for the Italian ice hockey team in the last ten years as he is the one of few native Italian born goaltenders, together with Andreas Bernard, to do extremely well for the Italy at the Ice Hockey World Championships.

History of Italian Ice Hockey Team

The national ice hockey team of Italy has made their first appearance at the Ice Hockey World Championships in 1930. They had played first time in the Olympics at Garmisch-Partenkirchen 1936. In 1956, they had achieved 7th in the games in Cortina which was their best performance in the Olympic.

The first ice hockey Italian team was formed in Torino in 1911. At the same year, a club which called Circolo Pattinatori Valentino played its first game in opposition to a team from Lyon, France.

Almost immediately hockey gained popularity, mostly in the north of Italy. Their first national Hockey teams were formed in 1920 and the first national indoor rink was started in Milan in 1923.

Italian ice hockey association was formed in 1924. A year before, they had connected with the International Ice Hockey Federation. Their first national championship was held in 1925.

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