Make a Good Impression with a Great Baby Shower Center Piece

Leave an ugly baby shower centerpiece on the table and you’re guaranteed to be the subject of judgmental gossip for the rest of the year. The centerpiece should be tasteful – avoid diapers, bibs and plastic babies (or worse, edible babies). Steering clear from the traditional baby shower centerpiece is an idea that’s highly recommended.

Nothing’s More Natural than Childbirth, So How About Using Nature for Your Baby Shower Centerpiece?

If you have a color scheme in mind for your shower, coordinating it with our centerpiece is a fantastic way to tie centerpiece to the general décor of your party. For instance, if you’re opting for the traditional baby boy blue, a centerpiece made up of a handmade nest with robin’s eggs (blue Jordan almonds), and light blue flowers, such as periwinkles held together with blue ribbon, all laid out on blue bunting fabric is an excellent idea for a clever baby shower centerpiece.

If your theme is novel and untraditional, then you’ll have more freedom to work with your centerpiece (after all, there’s only so much in nature that’s pink or light blue). If you choose to decorate your party in yellow (a bright and festive color), then an excellent centerpiece is quite easy to assemble. Take two large, thick glass cylinder vases and fill the bottom with potpourri or clear beads and marbles. Then fill the rest of the vase up to the top with lemons. Set the lemon-filled vases on yellow silk at the center of the main table, and casually sprinkle yellow rose petals. An interesting touch, to pull focus back to the fact that this is a baby shower centerpiece, would be to scatter a few yellow toy pacifiers (the hard plastic kind) around the vases – this is a clever baby shower centerpiece idea that avoids being too precious.

If you want to express the concept of birth in your baby shower centerpiece, but wish to remain subtle or abstract, another option would be to go for a spring motif. For this centerpiece, take a lovely pastel-colored cloth or linen and arrange it at the center of the table. Then place thick, pastel-colored candles on the cloth, and casually add bundles of spring flowers, such as lilacs or dandelions. Miniature birds (the fake kind, made of feathers – I’m not suggesting getting real stuffed birds, or obviously phony toy birds) found in craft stores also are a great idea. As a clever addition to this particular baby shower centerpiece, fold a few calendar pages of the month your child is due and arrange them on the centerpiece, as well. A small nest with Jordan almonds, as with the baby blue centerpiece, would work with this arrangement, as well.

Another clever baby shower centerpiece idea would be for a beach-themed arrangement. Take a fawn, tan or blonde-colored fabric. This will act as your “sand” for your table – it’s better to use fabric, so that sand doesn’t get onto anyone’s food. Buy some shells, dried starfish and sand dollars, available in stores such as Michael’s, and scatter them on your “sand” making them look as if the shells were washed onshore. Take two large, cylinder vases (same vases as suggested in the yellow-centerpiece) and fill with sand (you can either use traditional sand, or the colored stuff, that can be layered in an attractive design). Pastel tea candles floating in a round glass bowl of water is a perfect finale to your beach-themed baby shower centerpiece.

Have fun when thinking of your centerpiece, and always remember to incorporate your family’s interests or hobbies, or the theme of your party into your design.

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