Map Of Mississippi River | US Map With Mississippi River

Map Of Mississippi River | US Map With Mississippi River

The United States is a land of diverse geographical wonders, and one of its most iconic natural features is the mighty Mississippi River. Stretching across the heartland of the nation, this meandering watercourse has played a pivotal role in shaping the history, culture, and commerce of the United States. In Map Of Mississippi River post, we’ll take a closer look at the Mississippi River, its major tributaries, its length, and its vital importance to the nation.

Map Of Mississippi River

The Mississippi River is the primary river, and second-longest river, of the largest drainage basin in the United States. From its traditional source of Lake Itasca in northern Minnesota, it flows generally south for 2,340 miles (3,766 km) to the Mississippi River Delta in the Gulf of Mexico. With its many tributaries, the Mississippi’s watershed drains all or parts of 32 U.S. states and two Canadian provinces between the Rocky and Appalachian mountains. The main stem is entirely within the United States; the total drainage basin is 1,151,000 sq mi (2,980,000 km2), of which only about one percent is in Canada. The Mississippi ranks as the thirteenth-largest river by discharge in the world.

Major Tributaries

The Mississippi River is fed by a network of tributaries, each contributing to its grandeur. Among its major tributaries are:

  1. Missouri River: The longest tributary of the Mississippi, the Missouri River, stretches over 2,341 miles, making it the longest river in North America. It joins the Mississippi near St. Louis, Missouri.
  2. Ohio River: Flowing 981 miles, the Ohio River is another significant tributary that converges with the Mississippi at Cairo, Illinois. It drains parts of 14 states.
  3. Arkansas River: Originating in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, the Arkansas River flows for about 1,469 miles before merging with the Mississippi in southeastern Arkansas.
  4. Illinois River: Running 273 miles, the Illinois River meets the Mississippi in Illinois, near Grafton. It has historically played a vital role in regional transportation.

Importance of the Mississippi River

The Mississippi River is one of the most important rivers in the United States. It is a major transportation artery, providing a vital link between the Midwest and the Gulf Coast. It is also a major source of water for irrigation, drinking, and industrial use. The Mississippi River is also home to a diverse range of fish and wildlife, and it plays an important role in the ecosystem of the region.

Are there any major tributaries that flow into the Mississippi River?

Yes, there are several major tributaries. Notable ones include the Missouri River, Ohio River, Arkansas River, and Illinois River.


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