Mercedes GLA defines what freedom is!

Mercedes GLA defines what freedom is!

A brief overview of Mercedes

A German manufacturer, into luxury automobiles, coaches, buses and trucks, was founded in 1926 under the Daimler-Benz brand. Mercedes Benz comes under the German Big 3 namely Audi, BMW and Mercedes itself. The trio is the best selling luxury automotive of the world.

Mercedes GLA

Mercedes GLA-Class redefines the SUV segment of luxury cars. But yes Mercedes was late entrant into this segment wherein other major players such as Audi and BMW already had their models on roads. These automotive makers had Audi Q6 and BMW X5 in the entry level SUV market. But what out scores these brands is Mercedes GLA’s exterior design which resembles to Mercedes A-Class
Now let’s look at the design and specifications of Mercedes GLAa little bit more in details


Mercedes GLAisreally impressive as it gives a look and feel of a sporty SUV in entry level segment. It gets an athletic appearance with brushed-metal roof rails and plastic cladded around its bumpers. That is about the exterior design; the interior appearance is equally impressive and spacious. The space comes from the redesign of the interior cabin with slight increase in the width from A-Class. The integral seating arrangement keeps the passenger firmly in place in all kind of situations.


The high class performance of Mercedes GLA is delivered by a 2 L petrol engine with a 181 BHP power and a torque of 300Nm. The power to wheels comes from a 7-speed-dual clutch transmission. It also comes with a feature to keep the driver informed of the climb and the inclination angle of the vehicle.

Safety aspect

Mercedes GLAcomes with a preinstalled safety feature referred to as thecollision prevention assist. A radar based safety technology which keeps the driver informed of the safe distance to be maintained with the vehicle ahead, thereby avoiding any possibility of collision.There is one more enthralling featuresi.e. attention assist which detects the driver’s for any kind of fatigue or drowsiness. Itusually monitors over 70 parameters of driving behavior to reach to a conclusion.


The Mercedes GLA also takes care of your entertainment inside the vehicle. There is an internet facility also in the form of COMAND on the central media display. Along with this, other connectivity such as Bluetooth and USB slot is also provided in the cabin itself.


Let us look at the Mercedes GLA various specifications in terms of body, performance, engine, transmission, interior In-car entertainment, wheel &tyres, brakes, steering, Suspension, etc. in a nutshell.

Engine and Performance

  • Number of cylinders- 4
  • Total Displacement (cc) – 1991
  • Rated Output (kW @ rpm) – 135 @ 5500
  • Rated Torque (Nm @ rpm) – 300 @ 1200-1400
  • Acceleration (0-100 km/h, sec) – 7.6
  • Top speed (km/h) – 225
  • Fuel and emissions
  • Fuel – Petrol / Diesel
  • Turning Circle diameter (m) – 11.84

So, In the end I would say Mercedes GLA is not a proper SUV if compared with variants in Audi and BMW, but yes it has a better look and feel in terms of design

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