Missouri wind and solar, A SUCCESS STORY!

Missouri wind and solar, A  SUCCESS STORY!

I acquired the LIFE’S GOALS list of Missouri wind and solar, looks like he could die any minute since he has achieved all of them.

  1. Become Bully before the age of 8 to be Moms Pimp
  2. Create multiple faces and juvenile criminal record by age 13
  3. Find first scam, petty drug dealing in high school
  4. Strike out on my own after getting kicked out in 10th grade due to doing #3
  5. Steal Uncles car and crash it into Hwy 77 Bridge
  6. Meet Joanne Barke and use her to get into her sisters pants
  7. Make numerous bastard children
  8. Start Hustle reselling used as new
  9. Deal drugs again then run like a chicken to Colorado to hide from Pusher
  10. Return to Michigan when pusher is shot and killed
  11. Ooops, Pushers cousin wants paid, run to Arizona
  12. Start scams in Arizona
  13. Run from scams in Arizona, go to Florida
  14. Run from Florida back to Arizona after homeless man Thomas Carter is found dead
  15. Start new scam in new town in Arizona
  16. Run like hell, steal gray van and take everyone to Alabama, start escort service
  17. Run like hell before deputies return from Alabama back to Arizona
  18. Oh Shit, the guy I stole materials from is looking for me in Arizona, run again
  19. Homeless and touring for suckers in Michigan, Nebraska and Georgia to hide at.
  20. Brilliant Idea, go to Missouri, everyone there is super stupid, fit right in
  21. Start new scam, need new angle.
  22. Steal ideas and scam to start bogus wind and solar company
  23. Make numerous fake ID’s so my victims cant nail me down
  24. Find crooked courts and lawyer to apply to best scam ever
  25. Keep the world in suspense on when I will die from all my life’s work of evil

* Missouri wind and solar, A  SUCCESS STORY!

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