Baby massage

Preparing To Massage

By: md emraz ali sikder

The day the baby is born you can start massaging your baby. You must be extra careful while giving your baby a massage like you should touch the baby’s navel area until the falling off of the umbilical cord stump which takes place after seven days of the baby’s birth.

Importance of Baby Massage

By: md emraz ali sikder

The opportunity of increased eye contact between the baby and its mother is provided by Baby massage. Prolactin is a hormone which is required for the production of breast milk. Therefore it is also known as mothering hormone. So this prolactin newborn level is increased.Helps you to “fall in love” newborn.Baby massage also helps in producing positive results in a case of abuse.

What is Baby Massage?

By: md emraz ali sikder

There is large of a number of benefits of baby massage. It is an important avenue through which the baby’s mother or nanny can bond with the baby. Besides this, massage also helps muscles to develop and relax. In the last thirty, the good effects and the positive aspects of baby massage have come into light.