National Day in Malaysia

The National Day in Malaysia is a very significant day for the people of this great country. The National Day in Malaysia commemorates the day Malaysia got its independence from the British colonial rule. It got its independence in the year 1957 on the date 31st august. Hence the celebrations of national day on this very date. Hence the people of Malaysia treat this day with utmost respect.

This event is also known as Malaysia Day around different parts of Malaysia. In the Malay language this day is called Hari Merdeka. Due to this the celebration of Independence Day consists of seven loud shouts of “Merdeka!”. In 1957 the First Prime Minister of Malaysia, Tunku Abdul Rahma initiated this gesture. This has been going on ever since.

It might be only a one day public holiday, but the people here don’t see this day in that way. The people of Malaysia celebrate not only the day of National Day but also the whole build up towards it. During this whole month of August, the expressiveness of the patriotism of the Malaysians regarding their country and it’s heritage can be seen. This very significant day is treated with the honor it deserves. People celebrate this day with tremendous pride and joy. School children practice for performances which is be presented on different public programs on this day.

Malaysia’s Independence Day is celebrated with a lot of grandiose. This very day signifies the unity of all sorts of Malaysians. Hence as a result this day is celebrated with great enthusiasm throughout the country. The flag of Malaysia known as Jalur Germilang is hoisted throughout the country It seems that the whole country gets decorated with flags and shimmering lights. No cities or towns stay undecorated. The celebration initially in the morning starts from the Merdeka Square. A spectacular parade which starts from here kicks off the festivities of this great day. The King of Malaysia himself stays present at his parade along with the thousands of spectators.

Public events and talks take place where nation’s heritage, laws, history etc are discussed by the political leaders. This day is also treated as
great public Day as people who get a day off go to outings, picnics, parades, music concerts etc. People proudly fly their flags and enjoys the day with their friends and families. Office buildings, homes and even vehicles proudly sports the Malaysian flag on this day. Stage shows, different exhibitions and competitions are few of the other activities which take places as part of the festivities of this day. Amazing fireworks take place on the evening. The fireworks lights up the whole of the country with a sense of patriotism.

Not only the people sport the national flag in their houses and cars but also the government buildings, private business firms, shopping malls all over the country hoists the national flag proudly.

All in all the Independence Day of Malaysia is a day which is very close to the heart of the people of Malaysia. They cherish and celebrate this day with utter pride and joy. This day unites people of all sorts of this country as one. To all the people of this country this day also works as a reminder to appreciate the hard fought fight our ancestors had fought to liberate this country. This day will continue to be celebrated here with such respect till the end of the times.

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