National Animal of Abkhazia

National Animal of Abkhazia

The national animal of Abkhazia (unofficial) is Ram. A matured male sheep that is capable of breeding age is called a ram. A younger male sheep is also referred to as a ram lamb while a newborn is simply called a lamb. In parts of the Abkhazia, a ram is called a tup and the mating season is called tupping.

national animal of Abkhazia

In the Abkhaz religion, the custom of animal sacrifices is widespread. Abkhazia’s national animal, Ram, is one of them. There are a few significant rules regarding the sacrifice. The animal should be male, flawless, well-fed, and healthy. As they are the symbol of sacrifice, Ram is considered as the national animal of Abkhazia.

Facts About Abkhazia’s National Animal

  • Scientific Name: Ovis aries
  • Type: Mammal
  • Diet: Herbivore
  • Size: 90-140cm (35-55in)
  • Weight: 40-130kg (88-298lbs)
  • Top Speed: 40km/h (25mph)
  • Life Span: 5-10 years
  • Lifestyle: Herd
  • Conservation Status: Least Concern
  • Color: Brown, White, Yellow, Black
  • Skin Type: Wool
  • Favorite Food:            Grass
  • Habitat: Grass plains and mountainous regions
  • Average Litter Size: 1
  • Main Prey: Grass, Weeds, Flowers
  • Predators: Human, Wolves, Coyote
  • Special Features: Thick, wooly coat and short tail

Ram is the intact male of sheep that means they can breed with females, to generate fertile progeny. Consequently, rams are fundamental to maintain the population of sheep. However, their breeding capability could differ among them, but generally one ram could successfully breed with 25-30 ewes in a breeding season of two months or sixty days. Their sexual maturity comes after 6-8 months after birth. Rams can grow up to 450 kilograms sometimes.

In Short, the Ram is the symbol of sacrifice for Abkhaz religion and one of the important national symbols of Abkhazia.


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