National Animal of Afghanistan

National Animal of Afghanistan

The Snow Leopard is the national animal of Afghanistan. They are known as the most beautiful and spiritual medium-sized wild cat. Afghanistan’s national animal, Snow Leopard, is the sign of bravery, wildness, fearlessness, magnificent and for its beautifulness. As they are unique, brave and majestic, Snow Leopard is considered as the national animal of Afghanistan.

The snow leopard lives in the Badakhshan area in the north-east. Presently, the population of snow leopards is almost a guess, and it is tough to guess, but some research recommends between 100-200 snow leopards are available in Afghanistan (Afghanistan Forest Department). Since 2006, the Snow Leopard is the national animal symbol of Afghanistan.

Facts about Afghanistan’s National Animal (Snow Leopard)

  • Common Name: Snow Leopard.
  • Trinomen: Panthera uncia
  • Found in: Afghanistan, China, India, Russia, Bhutan, Nepal, Pakistan, and Kazakhstan.
  • Habitat: Rainforest, Grassland and hilly
  • Main Prey: Deer, Sheep, Warthog and Rodents.
  • Average Length: 100cm-190cm
  • AverageWeight: 30kg-90kg
  • Average Lifespan: 10-15 years
  • Average Speed: 30 miles per hour
  • Conservation Status: Endangered
  • Current number: 4000 in wild
  • Lives in: Badakhshan area north-east

The Snow Leopard is a very rare and exclusive wild medium-sized cat. They are unique for the smoky-gray coloring of its coat patterned with dark-gray spots, as a result of that it became nearly extinct. Snow Leopard live in cold high mountains, and their beautiful coats are invented with long hairs through a dense, wooly thick under hair, and that protect them from the cold.

Snow Leopard has longer tails than other big and medium-sized cats. Their tail can also protect them from cold. The Snow Leopard is not roared like other big cats. They have powerful long rear legs, and they are capable of jumping up to 30 feet in when they are attacking their prey. The most of the snow leopard lives alone, and they are brave enough. Snow leopard can jump and walk fast. In summary, Snow Leopard is the brave, fearless, fastest and majestic animal and the vital national symbol of Afghanistan.



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