National Animal of Akrotiri

National Animal of Akrotiri

Member of the carvidae family, the deer is the national animal of Akrotiri. It is a ruminant animal, which feeds mostly on grass.  Akrotiri’s national animal, the deer, black/brown above and white below. While in the wild, the deer mostly protects itself against its predators by its speed. You can also be able to differentiate the male deer from the female. Males, which are also called bucks, have antlers. New set of antlers grow each year. Antlers are very crucial during mating when the bucks fight for dominance.

Deer prefer to live in places with young, low-growing vegetation and edge where intersection of different allows the national animal of Akrotiri to feed and avoid predators. The total number of deer is approximated to be around 1.2 million (wildlife resource distribution). The national animal of Akrotiri is listed as list concern by the IUCN, though their population keeps decreasing due to destruction of their habitat by human beings.

Facts about the National Animal of Akrotiri (Deer)

  • Common name: Deer
  • Scientific name: Odocoileus virginianus
  • Average weight:  male-150lbs. female-100lbs.
  • Average height: 2.6-3.3 ft.
  • Habitat: forested woodlots, brushy areas and croplands
  • Conservation status: Least concern
  • Diet: Herbivores
  • Main predators: lions and leopards
  • Gestation period: 201 days

The deer is usually brown/black on its back and white on the underparts. They size vary in size depending on the habitat. In an environment with enough food, an adult male deer can weigh up to 190 pounds while the female can reach 120 pounds. They feed on leaves, grass, flowers and fruits. In Akrotiri, the deer is the dominant animal, qualifying it to be the national animal symbol of Akrotiri. Their total population is mostly threatened by human beings who hunt them for their sweet meat. They also kill them because they are destructive especially when they visit your plantation.

The deer, which is the national symbol of Akrotiri is a celebrated animal as apart from being a national animal, its horns have been used in various social functions.