National Animal of Albania

National Animal of Albania

The national animal of Albania is the Golden Eagle. It is also the national animal of several countries. Albania’s national animal, the golden eagle, is the fastest and liveliest bird. They are also representing their incredibly fast speed and their very strong vision. As they are unique, superfast, brave and vigorous, Golden Eagle is considered as the national animal of Albania.

Usually, the Golden Eagle lives in Europe, North Asia, North America and North Africa. In Albania, they live in hilly areas. The golden eagles are very rear to see. There is no information about the number of golden eagles in Albania. In the flag of Albania, you’ll see a black double-headed eagle in the middle of the flag. The Golden Eagle is one the most important national symbol of Albania.

national animal of Albania

Facts about Albania’s National Animal (Golden Eagle)

  • Common Name: Golden Eagle
  • Trinomen: Aquila chrysaetos
  • Found in: Europe, North Asia, North America, China and North Africa
  • Habitat: Hilly areas, large trees, and rocks for nesting.
  • Main Prey: Hares, Rabbits, prairie dogs
  • Average Length: 70-84 cm
  • Average Weight: 3000- 6125 gram
  • Average Lifespan: minimum 30 years
  • Average Speed: 150 miles per hour
  • Conservation Status: Least Concern (IUCN Red List)
  • Current number: 170,000-250,000 at least in 2010
  • Lives in: Hilly areas of Albania

The long living bird is gorgeous, fast and very famous as a hunter-bird. They have a wing length of 180-220 cm, and their average weight is 3-6.5 kg.  The color of feathers of the golden eagle is black-brown to dark brown with a remarkable golden buff-brown and nape, and their higher wings also have a different lighter area. Their primary prey is rabbits, rats, hares. However, sometimes they also like to eat injured and dead lamb, owls, hawks, falcons and carrion (Dead animal shell). They are very skilled hunter with the compelling vision.

In Summary, the Golden Eagle is a very rare, magnificent, brave, careful and capable hunter with the sharp vision. So, it is one of the important national symbols of Albania.



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