National Animal of Algeria

National Animal of Algeria

The national animal of Algeria is the Fennec Fox. It is a unique animal with interesting features. It has large ears that are not proportional, pointy nose and slanted eyes making it so attractive.  Fennec is among the smallest animal species in the world. It can adapt to harsh environments which other animals might find hard to adapt. Algeria’s national animal, the fennec fox, has been used as a nickname for the country’s national football team (Les Fennecs). For its attractive features, the ability to adapt to harsh environment and character of being least concerned makes it be considered the national animal of Algeria.

Algeria’s national animal, the Fennec fox, mostly lives in arid regions of Algeria. They dig holes in the sand as their habitat and for their protection. The population of the fennec foxes in Algeria is not well established. According to the International Union for Conservation Nature, more research has to be done to establish the exact population of the fennec foxes in Algeria. The Algeria’s national animal will soon be classified as endangered. This is due to the high rate of which humans are killing them. They are trapped and shown to tourists or sold. For this reason, the fennec fox is not just the national animal symbol of Algeria but also a tourist attraction site.

Facts about the national animal of Algeria (fennec fox)

  • Common name: fennec fox
  • Scientific name: Vulpes zerda
  • Found in: protected areas like parks
  • Habitat: Arid areas
  • Main prey: Rodents
  • Average length: 24cm to 41cm (body). 20 cm (around the shoulder)
  • Average weight: 0.68kg to 1.59kg
  • Average length of ears: 10cm to 15cm
  • Average lifespan: 12 to 14 years

Fennec foxes live as a family unit forever. Older ones do not leave the family after growing up. They are creamy colored with a fluffy fur, making it hard to be spotted in their hideouts. They also have big ears which enable them to hear movements made by hunters. The fact that the national football team of Algeria has been nicknamed after this animal, it makes the fennec fox to be considered as a national symbol of Algeria.


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