National Animal of Argentina

National Animal of Argentina

The national animal of Argentina is Rufous Hornero. It is also the national bird of Argentina, and it’s second English name is red ovenbird. Argentina’s national animal, Rufous Hornero, are members of the genus Furnarius family Furnariidae, endemic to eastern South America. The reason to declare this bird as the national animal is that, this species of bird is quite common in Argentina. Besides that, in the morning the beautiful voice of these birds just cheers a person up from inside.

The national animal of Argentina is Rufous Hornero

The national symbol of Argentina Rufous Hornero is lives in northern and eastern Bolivia, southern Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, and northern and central part of Argentina. The Rufous Hornero remains frequent and extensive, with a population that faces no major threats and appears to be increasing & classified as Least Concern (LC) on the IUCN Red List. (IUCN Red List & Bird Life International, June 2009).

Facts about Argentina’s National Animal (Rufous Hornero):

  • Common Name: Rufous Hornero or Red Ovenbird
  • Trinomen: Furnarius rufus
  • Found in: Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay
  • Habitat: The nest is built of mud & plant material
  • Lives in: An open or semi-open habitats bellow 2500m, on a post or isolated tree
  • Main Food: Beetles, crickets, ants, termites & seeds
  • Average Length: 18-20 cm
  • Average Weight: 31-58 grams
  • Biometrics: Bill Length 2.5cm, wings length 10.2, tail length 7.1 cm
  • Current Number: Common & widespread population
  • Conservation Status: Classified as Least Concern (LC) on the IUCN Red List
  • Average Life Span: 24-26 years

The Rufous Hornero is an average sized bird with strong legs, broad wings, longish tail and strong- straight bill suited to eating insects. The plumage is reddish brown with a dull brown crown and a whitish throat. One absorbing fact about the national animal of Argentina is they are noted more for their distinctive nests than for their appearance, those are incredible architects.  In the spring, the nest chamber is hosting an average of four eggs; incubate both parents alternatively for 14 to 18 days.

By nature, like the pigeons that live in cities have a gentle nature that they can be seen in the distance from people. The national animal symbol of Argentina, Rufous Hornero couple used to stay together forever.


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