National Animal of Bahrain

National Animal of Bahrain

Arabian Oryx is the national animal of Bahrain. They are gorgeous by their look and friendly it has been the main topic of poetry in Arab. Bahrain’s national animal is famous by the name of Bin Solaa or Alsolaey. As they are very strong and most the beautiful animal in this country, Arabian Oryx was considered as the national animal of Bahrain.

National Animal Of Bahrain

They are found mostly in the Middle East, Iraq, and the Arab Emirates. The current number of Oryx in Bahrain is 6000-7000 by (IUCN Red List).Their source of eating or prey is grasses and different vegetations such as buds, herbs, fruits, and tubers. The Oryx is not only the national symbol of Bahrain but also the identity of the country.

Facts about Bahrain’s national animal (Arabian ORYX)

  • Common Name: White Oryx
  • TrinomenAntelope oryx
  • Adopted: 17th century
  • Found in:  Saudi’s deserts
  • Height: Maximum height of Oryx is 5-7 feet
  • Habitat: Middle East, Africa, and the Arab Emirates
  • Average Length:  18 feet
  • Average Weight: 220-450 pounds
  • Average Lifespan: 20 years
  • Average Speed: 37 miles per hour
  • Current number: 6000-7000 by (IUCN Red List).

The national animal of Bahrain has different specialties than other animals. It can survive without water for a couple of weeks. They can increase or decrease their body temperature at day time. They have the good sense of smelling that can detect the rainfall 50 miles away. Generally, they are cream, anted, and grayish in color. Vegetation, fruit, herbs, buds but main grasses are their main prey.

In short, Oryx is the strong and courageous animal that can protect themselves through their horns and due to its beauty the always remain the titles and subtitles of poems. As a result, they are one of the most important national symbols of Bahrain.



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