National Animal of Bosnia And Herzegovina

National Animal of Bosnia And Herzegovina

The Tornjak is the national animal of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is a large, well-proportioned and agile sheep like a dog. Their long and thick hair is adequate to protect it against cold weather during winter. The clear, self-confident and calm look it possesses makes it to be considered Bosnia’s and Herzegovina’s national animal.

With its thick and long coat, Tornjak can do just well in outdoors with a nice shade. They are mostly bred in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina. This breed of dog is mostly used to herd sheep, thus qualifying as the national animal of Bosnia and Herzegovina. These dogs are sometimes used in national events while in their national costumes with their handlers. Perhaps this is why they are considered as the national animal symbol of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Facts about the National Animal of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Tornjak)

  • Common name: Tornjak
  • Scientific name: Canis lupus familiaris
  • Average weight: Female- 60-88 lbs.; male 77-110lbs
  • Habitat: Outdoors
  • Life expectancy: 12-14 years
  • Temperament: Calm

The Tornjak has an almost square-shaped body, with bones which are neither heavy nor light. It likes keeping its shaggy tail up. The face and legs have short hair. Tornjak is a farmyard guard dog thus mostly calm with low temperament. It is suspicious to strangers and cannot allow anything entrusted to him to be taken away.

This dog has a history of learning things quickly and storing whatever it learns for a very long time. It is very passionate and kind to people living with it but suspicious to strangers. Perhaps it is the ability of the Tornjak to learn and retain what it learns for a long time that has made Bosnia citizens recognize it as the national symbol of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

People who rate this breed of dog have a lot of good experiences with it. It can do almost everything.