National Animal of Brazil

National Animal of Brazil

The Jaguar, one of the big cats in the world is the national animal of Brazil. This animal looks like a leopard and thus is often mistaken to be a leopard. It is very powerful with a large head and huge paws. Brazil’s national animal, the jaguar, is usually used in ceremonies, processions and literature events. The importance of the jaguar in cultural events of Brazil might have informed the decision to declare it as the national animal of Brazil.

This animal lives in rain forests, swamps, and savannahs in the Amazon basin. As of 2015 survey, there were approximately 15000 jaguars in the wild (Defender of Wildlife). Due to its value in the traditions of Brazil, the Jaguar has been considered to be the national animal symbol of Brazil.

Facts about the National Animal of Brazil (Jaguar)

  • Common name: Jaguar
  • Scientific name: Panthera onca.
  • Height: 25-30 inches at the shoulder
  • Length: 43-75 inches
  • Weight: 79-211 lbs.
  • Lifespan: 12-15 years
  • Habitat: forests, swamps and savannahs
  • Main prey: deer, tapirs, capybaras

Brazil’s national animal, the jaguar, is the largest cat in America. It is also the third-largest cat in the world after the lion and the tiger. They have orange fur with black spots covering their body. IUCN has categorized them as endangered species as human beings hunt them for their beautiful fur and to stop them from killing their livestock. During mating season, the female jaguar keeps roaring to inform the male one that she is ready. Young Jaguars stay with their mothers for up 1.5 years before they start looking after themselves.

Being the third largest cat in the word, and its beauty has earned it the title of being the national symbol of Brazil.