National Animal of Bulgaria

National Animal of Bulgaria

The Lion is the national animal of Bulgaria. The adult male lion, unique among cats, is one of the most distinctive characteristics of the species. Bulgaria’s national animal, Lion, have the nickname “the king of the jungle.” The males are territorial and will roar and use scent markings to establish their domains. For being largest, strongest, and powerful felines, the lion is considered as the national animal of Bulgaria.

The Lion is the national animal of Bulgaria

The Lions are found in some part of Asia and Africa. But many ones thinks that there were some in Europe. In Bulgaria it’s found at the wood site. Many think that they are not still found in Bulgaria. But still the lion is the identity of Bulgaria, a national animal symbol of Bulgaria.

Facts about Bulgaria’s national animal

  • Common Name: Lion
  • Trinomen: Pantheraleo
  • Adopted in: 1997
  • Found in: Africa, Asia, Europe
  • Habitat: Grasslands, forests.
  • Color: White Tawny, Gold, Blonde, Brown.
  • Average Length: Male up to 8.2ft, Female–up to 5.9ft.
  • Average Weight: Male – 174.9 kg and Female – 119.5 kg
  • Average Lifespan: 10-20 years in wild
  • Average Speed: 60-80 km/h
  • Current number: 100-150 in 2016
  • Lives in: Grasslands and woody tracts.

The lions usually used to live together. Pride is made up of 5-15 females and their cubs with a single male. The Lionesses in the pride hunt together and can kill any kind of animals including Buffalo, Gazelle, Zebra, Wildebeest and even Giraffe. The male has a mane of long hair around the face. They have a different color such as White, Tawny, Gold, Blonde, Brown. But the sad things is within 20 years the number of lion gets drop up to 30%.

In one word, as a National Symbol of Bulgaria, the Lion is the perfect choice for its royalty, strength, lifestyle, and to be the king of the jungle.


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