National Animal of Cambodia

National Animal of Cambodia

The national animal of Cambodia is the Kouprey. Kouprey is the rarest animal in Cambodia. Cambodia’s National animal, the Kouprey is a kind of ox with spectacular crescent-shaped horns and a dewlap under its chin. As they are unique and very strong, the Kouprey was considered as the national animal of Cambodia.


Since 1960 some part of south Asia there were some animals like a little bit smaller than water buffalo one of the rarest animals The Kouprey was last seen in the wild in 1998. Many scientists say that they do not still exist, but some of the others still believe that they still exist in the Eastern part of Cambodia because some of their body parts can be found in the illegal market. However, it has been used as a national animal symbol of Cambodia.

 Facts about the National Animal of Cambodia (Kouprey)

  • Common Name: Kouprey
  • Trinomen: Bos sauveli
  • Found in: Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, central China and eastern Cambodia.
  • Habitat: Grasslands, monsoon forests, deciduous forests, areas with enough rain.
  • Average height:  5.6 – 6.2 ft.
  • Average length: 6.9 – 7.5 f t.
  • Average Weight: 1,500 – 2,000 lbs
  • Average Lifespan20 years in wild
  • Adopted in: 1960
  • Current number: up to 50.
  • Lives in: Eastern part of Cambodia.

The Kouprey can reach up to 7-7.5 feet and 880-1985 of weight. They have a long bushy tail can reach between 3 and 3.5 feet in length. They have same sized horns. The Kouprey is very shy animals that avoid contact with people. This is one of the reasons why they can be seen so rarely in the wild. Koupreys can travel more than 9 miles per night to find a new food source. They are mostly like to eat grass.

For being social, unique and very strong, the Kouprey is the perfect choice to be a National Symbol of Cambodia.



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