National Animal of Cayman Islands

National Animal of Cayman Islands

The parrot is the national animal of Cayman Islands.  They are one of the most beautiful bird and also the national bird of Cayman Islands. Cayman parrots are very much famous to Caymanians. As they are very unique and most beautiful bird, Cayman parrot is considered as the national animal of Cayman Islands.

The National Trust for the Cayman Islands’ Salina Reserve and Mastic Reserve on Grand Cayman, and the Brac Parrot Reserve on Cayman Brac, all provide some protected habitat for parrots. Many farmers consider the bird as a pet, feeding them with their valuable fruits. You will like them to hear especially in the early morning and late afternoon when they are most vocal, their raucous squawking before actually seeing one. Cayman Islands parrot is also a national symbol of Cayman Islands.

Facts about the Cayman Islands parrot

  • Common Name: Cayman Islands parrot
  • Trinomen: A. leucocephala
  • Adopted in: 1974
  • Found in: Cayman Islands
  • Habitat: forest.

The Cayman parrots are two subspecies of the Cuban Parrot. They have iridescent green feathers with dark edges over the body, red cheeks, black ear patches, a white eye ring, and dazzling blue wing feathers which are only apparent when the bird is in flight. Their tail has blue outer edges, with some red and yellowish green underneath. The Grand Cayman Parrot also has a pink flush to its whitish forehead. The Cayman Brac Parrot, is faintly smaller, with a black trim on its green feathers. The crown is pure white, and there is a large maroon area on the abdomen.

In short, their unique beauty privileges them to be the national animal symbol of Cayman Islands.