National Animal of Central African Republic

National Animal of Central African Republic

The massive African Elephant is the national animal of the Central African Republic. They are the biggest tallest and massive among the whole animals in the land. The African Elephants are slightly larger than their Asian cousins can be identified by their larger ears. Central African republic’s National animal, elephants are not so much domesticated. As they are unique, very strong and the biggest animals on the earth, the African Elephant is considered as the national animal of Central African Republic.


African Elephant (Loxodonta africana) mother and calf, Sambru National Reserve, Kenya

The decline of the Elephant Population in the Central Africa Republic, both Savana elephants and forest elephants has been far more participate and has been going on for much longer than it has in congo or in other parts of the region. In the Western lowland in the dzanga-sangha reserve in the south of the Central African Republic, apart from witnessing elephants in groups of 30–100 bathing in mud pools and feeding. The forest elephants were heavily poached in the past, found only in the rain forests. The elephants are comparatively smaller in size in relation with the elephants found in the savanna habitat,is the national animal symbol of Central African Republic.

Facts about the elephant

  • Common Name: African Elephant
  • Trinomen: Loxodonta africana
  • Found in: almost everywhere in Africa
  • Habitat: woody tract, forest, rain forest.
  • Average length:10 ft..
  • Average Weight: 6000 kg
  • Average Lifespan: 60-70 years.
  • Average Speed: 25 mph

The African Elephant’s trunk is actually a long nose used for smelling breathing, drinking, grabbing any things. Both male and female African elephants have tusks. Because ivory is so valuable to some humans, many elephants have been killed for their tusks. This trade is illegal today, but it has not been completely eliminated, and some African elephant populations remain endangered. An adult elephant can consume up to 300 pounds of food in a single day.

In Short, the largest and the strongest elephants are the perfect choice as National Symbol of Central African Republic.