National Animal of Cyprus

National Animal of Cyprus

The Cypriot Mouflon is the national animal of Cyprus. It is also known as Cyprus Mountain Goat or Agrino. The national animal of Cyprus Cypriot Mouflon, is a type of wild sheep which is unique in the whole world and the largest mammal in Cyprus. The peculiar wild sheep of the island is Cyrot Mouflon is the national symbol of Cyprus. They roam free in the extensive forests of western Troodos. Sporadically if anyone is lucky you may see a Cyprus Mouflon.

The Cyprus Mouflon is a kind of wild sheep and is found only in Cyprus. In various Mediterranean countries such as Turkey, Syria, the island of Sardinia etc different kinds of Mouflon can be found. The Cyprus’s national animal Mouflon populations are decreasing, they are now rare in the island and only 3500 population contains in the island. (ICUN Red list of threatened Species, 2009 & IX-Andromida)

 Facts about Cyprus’s national animal

  • Common Name: Cypriot Mouflon or Agrino
  • Binomial Name: Ovis orientails
  • Found in: Cyprus, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Iran, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Turkey
  • Habitat: Grassland, mountain, forest or in the field near to the forest
  • Main Food: Different types of grass, shrubs and tree bark
  • Average Length: 122-152 cm
  • Shoulder Height: 90 cm
  • Avreage Horns Length: 55-60 cm
  • Average Weight: Male – 50 Kg and Female – 35 Kg
  • Average Lifespan: 10-12 years
  • Conservation Status: Vulnerable (IUCN Red List)
  • Current number: 3500

One of the national symbols of Cyprus, the Mouflon is very shy and agile. The Mouflon color is normally reddish to brownish on the back side of the body and whitish on the belly and lower parts of legs. The wool’s coat becomes thicker in winter. Normally male & female Mouflon lives separate group. But during the mating season, in the late autumns or early winter, they stay together.

The Mouflon have large & spiral horns those are the symbol of their status. These horns grow throughout of their life.  Mouflon is the nomadic & nocturnal animal.