National Animal of Ecuador

National Animal of Ecuador

The national animal of Ecuador is the massive Andean condor. This is among the largest bird in the world which can actually fly. Its wingspan is also so huge, this helps it to remain aloft. Ecuador’s national bird likes living in windy areas where they can fly with ease. Although their numbers are reducing, the Andean condor is actually the national animal of Ecuador.


The Andean condors are mostly found in mountains, lowland deserts, open grasslands, alpine regions and along coastlines. It does not build nest and it lays its eggs among boulders or in caves. Their total population is estimated to be around 10,000 birds (IUCN red list). Even though it has very powerful wings, its body mass do not allow it to stay aloft for so long. It only produces one egg after every two years, this can explain their low population. The IUCN also lists the national bird of Ecuador as endangered due to increased hunting.

Facts about the National Animal of Ecuador (Andean Condors)

  • Common name: Andean condor
  • Scientific name: Vultur gryphus
  • Habitat: mountains, open grasslands, along coastlines and alpine regions
  • Diet: omnivores
  • Average weight: 17-33lbs.
  • Average length: 3.3-4.3m
  • Average height: 1.2m tall
  • Wingspan: 3m
  • Incubation period: 54-58 days

They have velvet black feathers covering their bodies. They also have a bald head, though the male ones are much larger than females and have yellow eyes. Males also do have a beautiful white ruff at the base of their necks. Females on the other hand have red eyes with no ruff. This beautiful creature is Ecuador’s national animal. Both male and female condors take turns to incubate the egg and it is also a shared responsibility to provide for the young condor. This sense of responsibility makes the Andean condor be recognized as the national animal symbol of Ecuador.

The massive and eye-catching Andean condor is not only the national symbol of Ecuador but also attracts tourists thus earning the country a lot of foreign exchange.