National Animal of El Salvador

National Animal of El Salvador

The beautiful, medium-sized turquoise-browed Motmot is the national animal of El Salvador. This bird belongs to the motmot family. In Salvador, this bird is called the Torogoz. It’s mostly green with a bright blue stripe above its eye. On its throat, the national bird of El Salvador has a blue-bordered patch. The upper part of its tail and flight feathers are blue in color. This beautiful bird actually prides itself as the national animal of Salvador.

The Torogoz mostly lives in fairly open places like forest edges, gallery forest, and scrubland. Salvador’s national bird can also be found in Central America, Costa Rica, and also Mexico. You cannot fail to spot them along the Yucatan peninsula and the mountain-trimmed valleys of northwest Guatemala and Honduras. They live in a long tunnel-like nest which they build in areas like earth banks, quarry, or fresh-water wells. IUCN has listed this bird among the endangered species as human beings hunt them.

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Facts about the National Animal of El Salvador (Motmot)

  • Common name: Turquoise-browed motmot
  • Scientific name: Eumomota superciliosa
  • Average weight: 66.5g
  • Average height: 34 cm
  • Incubation period:  21 days
  • Average lifespan: 12-14 years
  • Average wingspan: 122 cm
  • Diet: Insects
  • Conservation status: Endangered

This beautiful bird is mostly green in color with a bordered blue patch. Its flight feathers and upper side of the tail are also blue. According to research, the tail of the national animal of El Salvador serves different purposes according to sexes. The male uses it as a sexual signal. The long tail of Salvador’s national animal is also used to signal the presence of a threat. This amazing bird has been recognized as the national animal symbol of El Salvador for a long time.

The Torogoz has been liked by many citizens of Salvador. It has established strong relationships with them that it has acquired the title of the national symbol of Salvador.


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