National Animal of Ethiopia

National Animal of Ethiopia

The national animal of Ethiopia is the mighty lion. It is sometimes referred to as Addis Ababa lion or the Abyssinian lion. In the entire world, the lion, which is the national animal of Ethiopia is considered to be the bravest and fierce animal. A member of the Felidae family, the lion has been celebrated as Ethiopia’s national animal for ages. The courage and confidence that this animal shows while approaching its enemies can be the reason why it is celebrated as the national animal of Ethiopia.

In Ethiopia, lions are mostly found in grassland savannas. They can be found in Alatash national park, west of Ethiopia. They can also be found in South Omo, Bale, Welmel, Ogaden, Nechisar and Boma-Gambella areas. Recent lion population census estimates that there are around 1700 lions in Ethiopia (National lion conservation agency). The agency further states that the population of the Ethiopia’s national animal is declining thus categorizing it as endangered.

Facts about the National Animal of Ethiopia (Lion)

  • Common name: lion
  • Scientific name: Panthera Leo
  • Average weight: Male-420lbs; female-280lbs
  • Average length: male-5.6-8.2ft; female-4.6-5.7ft
  • Average lifespan: 10-14 years
  • Diet: zebras, gazelles, buffaloes, antelopes.
  • Habitat: Grassland savannas

Lions are very social animals, perhaps the reason why they were declared the national animal symbol of Ethiopia. They live in groups of up to 15 members with at most 3 male lions. They are brown in color with lions having a mane around their neck. The lionesses do not have mane but rather have a clean brown body. You will usually find lionesses hunting, but once they catch their prey, the king lion is the first to feed. The work of the lion is to provide security to the pride, comprising lionesses, cubs and the lions themselves.

The ability to defend its pride, fact that lions are a social animal and the pride it gives to Ethiopia makes the lion qualify as the national symbol of Ethiopia.