National Animal of French Polynesia

National Animal of French Polynesia

Sea turtle is the national animal of French Polynesia. These are large, air-breathing reptiles usually found in tropical and subtropical seas throughout the world. They are also called marine turtles and they belong to the order of testudines. French Polynesia’s national animal is usually covered by a shell which is divided into two sections, these are carapace and plastron. The shell of the national animal of French Polynesia is made up to plates called scutes. Unlike other turtles, the sea turtle cannot retract its head, legs and arms into their shell for protection. This is due to the reduced volume of fusiform.

Sea turtles can be found in tropical and semi-tropical seas throughout the world. These animals have been categorized as endangered due to threats caused by human interference. Sea turtle conservancy approximates that in a range of between 1000 and 10000 turtles, only one survives to adulthood.

Facts about the National Animal of French Polynesia (Sea Turtle)

  • Common name: Sea Turtle
  • Scientific name: Chelonioidea
  • Average weight: 350 lbs.
  • Average length: Depends on the species
  • Life expectancy: 80-100 years
  • Diet: Jellyfish, seaweed, crabs, shrimp, sponges, snails and mollusks.
  • Habitats: tropical and semitropical seas
  • Incubation period: 2 months

The sea turtles are mostly covered in a shell, which is divided into two parts as stated earlier. They also cannot hide in their shell for protection because of the reduced volume of the shell’s fusiform. This endangered animal is actually the national animal symbol of French Polynesia. Their diet majorly depend on the turtle species in question. They can lay up to 110 eggs per nest. Male turtles are predominantly found in areas with temperatures below 30 degrees while the female ones can be found in areas of above 30 degrees.

As a national symbol of French Polynesia, sea turtles are used in many cultural events.