National Animal of Guadeloupe

National Animal of Guadeloupe

National Animal of Guadeloupe is Gallic Rooster. Equally important, Guadeloupe is a territory of French. For this reason, they have few own national symbol. Though Gallic is considered as the national animal symbol of Guadeloupe. On the other hand, it’s also the National Animal Symbol of French. Similarly, Guadeloupe considers also the Snake as their national symbol of Guadeloupe. (See the reference). Guadeloupe’s National Animal Symbol, the Gallic Rooster is very familiar and popular as domestic animal or bird. Important to realize, an adult male chicken is defined as Rooster and the female is known as the hen.

Facts about the National Animal of Guadeloupe:

  • Scientific Name: Gallus domesticus
  • Fly: Yes
  • Lifespan: Near about 15 Years
  • Food: Grains, seeds, insects, snails, acorns and similar foods
  • Predators and Threats: Snakes, owls, and skunks (Similar Animal)
  • Habitat: Most are domestic (Though you can also find to live in the forest)
  • Speed: 60m/hour
  • Weight: 1 to 5 kg
  • Size: 0.15m – 0.56m (0.5ft – 2ft)

Basically, the rooster is an innocent bird. They can’t do any harm to the mankind. Scientific name or Rooster is Gallus domesticus. Their weight never crosses 1 to 5 kg. Their sizes stay near 0.15m – 0.56m (0.5ft – 2ft). They can fly but it’s not enough. As they are very large. Though they can run and it can be 60m/hour. On the other hand, they can live near about 15 years. They take food as Grains, seeds, insects, snails, acorns and similar foods. Their mains threatens are snakes, owls or skunks. Another key point, their meat is very tasty. Notably, most of the religious think rooster as a holy animal. They think it as virtuous. For the purpose of, Guadeloupe has made it as the national animal of Guadeloupe.

By all means, the rooster is a symbol of pure animal and they’re very beneficial too. With this in mind, Guadeloupe has made the Gallic Rooster as their national identity.