National Animal of Ireland

National Animal of Ireland

The red deer is the national animal ofIreland. Red deer is the animal which inhabitaaed in Ireland since the Ice age. The red deer is the largest species among the red deer and it represent as national symbol of Ireland. Ireland’s national animal, Red deer is the only native species found in Ireland. As it is the oldest and only native species found in Ireland it has become the national animal of Ireland.

Red deer love to woody areas to live in. Heath land is also their favourite are as food and cover gets there easily. Now a days red deer is also founfd around Killarney mountain.

Facts about Ireland’s national animal (Red Deer)

  • Common Name: Red Deer
  • Trinomen: Cervus elaphus
  • Type: Mammal
  • Found in: United Kingdom
  • Size (H):Male: 105-135 cm in shoulder, Female: 100-120 cm
  • Weight: Male: 190 kg, Female: 120kg
  • Top Speed: 70km/h (43.5mph)
  • Life Span: 15-18 years
  • Color: Red
  • Skin Type: Hair
  • Diet: Herbivore and graze
  • Favorite Food: Grass and shrubs of tree
  • Habitat: Woodland, tree cover area
  • Main Prey: Bears, Wolves, Lynx

The red deeris serving as a great national symbol of the Ireland. Though red deer is red in summer the color of their skin is changed during winter and become greyish brown. By their large antlers stages are easily identified. Woodland red deer hinds (females) can breed at 16 months old. The mating season, known as the rut, begins in mid-September and continues to late October. Hinds normally give birth to single calves from late May to June. Twins are sometimes born, but they are extremely rare.During the rut, the Stags turn very violent and aggressive, produce some distinctive and throaty roaring noise. Generally gestation period is around 233 days.

They can growup to 130 cm in height. A male bison can weigh upwards of 190kg, and a female can weigh about 70-120kg. They are mostly like l grasses and shurbs of tree.The average lifespan of red deeris around 18 years.They like open plains, savannas, and grasslands. Bison communicatesby hearing and smell.  They are also grunt, snort, and growl.

In short, recognition of the national animal of Irelandbrings a new source of pride for the nation.