National Animal of Kyrgyzstan

National Animal of Kyrgyzstan

The national animal of Kyrgyzstan is the markhor goat. This animal belongs to a group of animals called goat-antelopes, and the group also includes the musk ox, the chamois and the domestic goat. With its spectacular horns, Kyrgyzstan’s national animal is one of the most striking animals of the goat family. Its size also makes it to be the most imposing animal the world over. The national animal of Kyrgyzstan is most active at dawn and at dusk. When they sense danger, they produce an alarm call which is similar to that of a common domestic goat.


Markhor likes living in sparsely mountainous regions and also arid Cliffside habitats. They are mostly found in Middle Asian Mountains temperate forests. They tend to avoid areas with lots of snow. In the wild, the total number of Kyrgyzstan is estimated to be between 2000 and 4000 animals (Animal corner). This animal is classified as an endangered species by the IUCN. The main threat is from wild predators, though human beings also hunt them for their meat.

Facts about the National Animal of Kyrgyzstan

  • Common name: Markhor
  • Scientific name: Capra falconeri
  • Average weight: 40-110kgs
  • Average height: 132-186cm
  • Habitat: arid cliffsides
  • Diet:herbivores
  • Lifespan: 12-13 years
  • Gestation period: 135-170 days

It is difficult to differentiate male markhor from their female counterparts. They are very similar. Their coat is turn colored with white underparts. Their legs have a black and white pattern. On the neck, the national animal of Kyrgyzstanis covered with a long, shaggy white fur. This fur also covers the chest. Their face is black. Both male and female have corkscrew shaped horns which can be straight or flare outward. This unique animal is actually the national animal symbol of Kyrgyzstan.

 As a national symbol of Kyrgyzstan, the female markhor lives a social life where they come in groups. But for the males, they live a solitary life.