National Animal of Lesotho

National Animal of Lesotho

The black rhino is the national animal of Lesotho. This animal is native to eastern and southern Africa including countries such as Botswana, Malawi, Mozambique, Kenya and many others. Lesotho’s national animal is referred to as black, though black is usually not its color. Its color can range from brown to grey. The national animal of Lesotho has two horns on its skull, the front one being larger than that behind. The upper lip of the national animal of Lesotho is prehensile, making it to be also referred to as hook-lipped rhino. Compared to the white rhino, Lesotho’s national animal is the smaller of the two.

They do not have a preferred habitats. These animals can exist in a wide range of habitats, as long as there are enough resources to support them. Such resources would include enough water, shrubs and mineral licks. Semi-deserts, savannas, forests, woodlands and wetlands are where such resources are usually found. The conservation efforts have been a success, with the current population being estimated to be between 5042 and 5458 (Rhino population figures, 2015).

Facts about the national animal of Lesotho

  • Common name: black rhino
  • Scientific name: diceros bicornis
  • Average weight: 1800-3100lbs
  • Average length: 9.2-12 ft.
  • Habitat: semi-deserts, forests, savannas, woodlands and wetlands
  • Diet: Herbivores
  • Lifespan: 35-50 years
  • Gestation period: 15-16 months
  • Predators: human beings and lions

The black rhino’s color ranges from brown to grey. They usually feed on herbaceous trees in the wild, with acacia being their favorite. Their two horns emanate from the skin and grows continuously throughout their life. These horns are so valuable and that is why poachers hunt them. The wildlife agencies have tried all their best to protect the black rhino in order to preserve their heritage. This national animal symbol of Lesotho is a rare species, thus attracting many tourists in the country.

The efforts put in place to ensure the survival of the black rhino is itself testimony that this is a national symbol of Lesotho.