National Animal of Morocco

National Animal of Morocco

Barbary lion is the national animal of morocco. The Barbary lion represents the Moroccan. In the flag of Morocco, there have two symbols of Barbary lion. The Barbary lions the National Symbol of MoroccoThe Barbary lions lived in the Atlas Mountains of Northern Africa, from Morocco to Egypt.

We know from the history Barbary lions comes from Italy. In the time of Roman Emperors, Barbary lions are used to rival of the gladiator’s.

Barbary lions preferred mountainous and forested terrain. They were solitary creatures. However, historical records suggest that they were often seen hunting as a unit. Their hunting methods have never been accounted, but it is believed that they used to kill their prey species by strangulation.

Facts about Moroccan national animal

  • Common Name                : Barbary lion
  • Trinomen: Pantheraleo Leo
  • Found in: Algeria, Morocco, and Tunisia
  • Habitat: mountain and forests
  • Main Prey: Antelopes, pigs, deer, buffalo, wild boar, domesticated animals.
  • Average Length                : Male: 2.74m – 3.35m (9′-11′) and Female: 2.13m – 2.74m (7′-9′)
  • Average Weight               : Male: 90-100kg (425-500 pounds) and Female: 65-80 kg (325-425 pounds)
  • Average Lifespan: Lions live for approximately 15 Years
  • Gestation Period: 100-110 Days (Averaging 103 Days)
  • Cub Maturity: 18 months – 2 Years
  • Cubs Per Litter: (Usually 2-6 cubs) Cubs are born blind and weigh 2-3 pounds.
  • Social Structure : Solitary (except during Mating Season)
  • Territory Size: Northern Africa. Lions occur naturally today in the wild only throughout the plains of sub-Saharan Africa.
  • Conservation Status: The Barbary Lion has been extinct since the early 1920’s.

Barbary lions are thenational animal of Morocco. Barbary lions are nearer to defunct. They like to live alone. Without the mating season, they don’t like to stay together. Lions are the king of the jungle. It’s natural, kings are not like to stay together. They round the mountains and jungle alone. Like a lone king.

Barbary lions are bigger than another lion. They also called Atlas lion or Nubian lion. The last Barbary lion of Morocco was killed in 1922. That means there have no Barbary lions in Morocco.

Morocco has a great history. The history of independence. The symbol of a pair of barbary lions in the flag of morocco, show the courage and greatness of the country.

The Barbary lions have vanished. But the symbol of them, describe the countrymen. That’s why Barbary lions are the national animal symbol of Morocco.