National Animal of Pakistan

National Animal of Pakistan

The Markhor (wild goat) is the national animal of Pakistan. They are relatively unique and one of the most beautiful wild animals of Pakistan. Pakistan’s national animal, “Markhor” is the symbol of bravery and sharp intelligence. They haven’t any fear during prey and jump from the peak of the mountain to the base. Also, they kill and eat snakes and after eating their drools are often used to cure snake poison. As they are unique, bravery and sharp intelligence Markhor is considered as the national animal of Pakistan.

the national animal of Pakistan

Markhor is a large species of wild goat, found in northern and central Pakistan, northeastern Afghanistan, Kashmir in northern India, southern Tajikistan, southern Uzbekistan and in the Himalayas. Mostly Markhor lives in the hilly areas of Pakistan. As of 2016, the population of Markhor in Pakistan is less than 2500 (A-Z-Animals), but the amounts of Markhor improved in recent years expected 20 percent for the last period (Wikipedia). The Markhor is not only the national animal symbol of Pakistan but also the official symbol of Pakistan’s ISI.

Facts about Pakistan’s National Animal (Markhor)

  • Common Name: Markhor, Ladaki
  • Trinomen: Capra Falconeri
  • Found In: Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan
  • Habitat: Lightly forested mountain areas
  • Main Prey: Grasses, Leaves, Herb, Wolves, Snakes
  • Average Length: 140-190 cm
  • Average Weight: Males- 80-110 kg and Females: 30-40 kg
  • Average Lifespan: 10-13 years
  • Average Speed: 10 miles per hour
  • Conservation Status: Endangered
  • Current Number: 2500 most probably
  • Lives In: Northern and central Pakistan

The Markhor is a different kind of big goat. They can be 132-186 centimeter tall and the weight ranges between 32-110kg. The female Markhors are the dark color with the white underbelly and a design of black and white on the legs. Male Markhor is the lighter dark color with the same things like female Markhor. Both male and female Markhors have horns and the horns can grow up. Markhor lives in 1500-11000 feet high places. They are stronger than other goats.

In summary, Markhor is very unique, brave and intelligent and it strongly deserves to be the national symbol of Pakistan.


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